Early dining at BOG = first in line at 7DMT?

On June 20th I have reservations for our group at BOG at 8am. I thought this would be great fro 2 reasons. 1) Getting let in the front gate (7:45am?) and walking through the park when it’s basically empty (good main street picture to make mama happy). 2) Finishing breakfast in 45 minutes or less and being so close to the 7DMT at rope drop (9am), beating the crowd to 7DMT.

Will this work? Will transportation be running that early to MK? (we are coming from Art of Animation). What time will they let us leave BOG to start for 7DMT?

Thank you in advance!

I had an 8am BOG when I was at Art of Animation. I was able to catch a bus to Magic Kingdom at 7am and I got there with time to walk down Main St, have a Photo Pass photographer snap a few pictures at the castle and then walk over to BOG.
They start running 7DMT about 15 minutes before park opens so it would give you the opportunity to ride it a couple times before rope drop. The only “change” that may occur is how the paid Early Morning Magic Hours may affect this in the future, there’s rumours that only guests paying for that package will have pre rope drop access, but until they start we won’t know for sure.
Enjoy your brekkie we loved it at BOG!! :blush:

Yes, that’s a wonderful plan! :slight_smile: And yes, Disney resorts will have early buses to parks for ADRs, at from the restaurant they’ll probably let you leave BOG around 8:45 or so.

Thank you for the replies! Very exited about getting into the park early before everyone else and then getting to ride 7DMT before rope drop is just AMAZING!