Early December crowds

I’ve come to know and trust the WDW crowd calendar over the years and (probably like many) planning my fist trip that includes Universal in a long time now that Harry Potter has taken residence there. We purposely picked early December for low crowds. The low crowds and predicted wait times for Dec 8th and 9th seem almost too good to be true, sub 20 minutes for nearly everything including the HP stuff! Has anyone been there around that time of year (or similar crowd level of 2)? After reading “the bible” with all the planning needed for crazy-busy days, it looks like we just go on whatever whenever. Any other tips/warnings for such low crowd days? Thanks in advance.

The first week of December was my FAVORITE time to go! Granted, the last time was in 2004, but yes, crowds were almost non-existent, waits very short. However, they keep rides at lower capacity so there will still be waiting but it is very minimal. The parks will all be decorated for Christmas… you will love it! That’s when I would go this year insteasd of October if I could but I have a son in school.

Downfalls are possible ride closures due to maintenance and chilly weather. I remember once we had to go buy jackets because we hadn’t taken any, so make sure you do! It was really cold that year. However, one year at that same time Orlando had record temps in the 90s! So, keep track of predicted weather so you know what to pack. Also, if you are renting a villa off property, get the pool heated!

You will love it and won’t want to go any other time after that!

Thanks Marshmelo76. Our past trips have been in October too, this year my youngest graduated from High School and through some fun circumstance can make the early December work. We have really enjoyed the low crowds in late October for WDW touring, but have always told folk it was only the second-best time to visit, early December is the first-best. We haven’t been to Universal in probably close to a decade and then to USF only. If the Universal crowds (and waits) are as low as predicted, it is going to be some very comfortable touring. Typical OCD, I have117+ rides planned between WDW and USF, and all but 8 are 20 minute waits or less.

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