Early Crystal Palace breakfast

Hi - I was able to get an 8:10 breakfast reservation at Crystal Palace in early November. Yay! Staying at Bay Lake Tower. I know we can use the walkway to MK but trying to minimize walking where I can since I’m traveling with my elderly parents. What time does the monorail open? What time would you suggest we leave our room to be at the breakfast on time? Or do you think we should just use the walkway? Thanks!

I think both methods would take about the same amount of time. So I would probably do the monorail and would leave the room between 7:10-7:20

But if walking to MK is going to be a challenge, what’s the plan for the rest of the walking? Might it be wise to rent a wheelchair or scooter?


I don’t know for certain but I’d probably mean to leave my room at 7:30.

Knowing full well it’ll take us 10 minutes more at least to actually get out the door. I’d check in early if we arrived early.

Who is in your party? One trip we wanted to rope drop Dumbo. 2 of us speed walked - pushing the stroller - from Contemporary to MK while 3 others - 2 being non speed walkers - rode the monorail. The third monorail person was with non-speed walkers to be the guide. They arrived while we were riding Dumbo.

eta: @OBNurseNH is right with the time. I kept thinking Chef Mickey instead of Crystal Palace.

Thank you - we are getting one scooter from Scooter Bug. That should make things easier in regards to all the walking