Early closure at AK and the affect on crowds

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On Tuesday, April 28th, Disney is closing AK at 6pm. We had planned on going to AK that day: RD til @ 5pm. The shorter hours don’t affect our plans, but I am wondering how the earlier closing might affect overall crowds. Thoughts?

  • Crowds will be lower since many will seek other parks due to AK’s limited hours.
  • Crowds will feel higher since the crowd’s activities are packed into less hours.
  • Little to no affect on crowds.

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Are there any known reasons for the early closure on this date?
Thanks for sharing!

Voted lower based on personal MK experience (also noted by others and TP) that the few days that didn’t have restricted hours recently have resulted in the world and their dogs turning up, making leaving the park in particular highly unpleasant (I am sure had we been there longer other things may also have been unpleasant).

There will be no RoL and no opportunity to do EE, Pandora etc, after dark - adds up to missing out if you go on that day, along with rushing to do the things that can be done - so people won’t bother. Which of course makes it better for the people that do! Opposite effect to EMH days in most respects really.

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Thanks for your insight!

Thanks for your vote inputs liners!