Early check in question

Trying to understand our options for our December trip.

Yesterday my sister was able to exchange her non-Disney timeshare points thru RCI for a 1br at Saratoga Springs for 7 nights. One of our favorite resorts.

Only problem, guys, the week starts the day before we were planning to arrive at WDW. Check in is Saturday; we’re set right now to arrive Sunday. Day and a half drive from home.

Question: do we make at least 4 changes to leave on Friday, or early (remote) check-in on Saturday and arrive as planned on Sunday?

Is there a downside to checking in early? I’ve read here that some have checked in, accessed their room, and left without ever seeing the front desk.

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I would just let them know you won’t be arriving until the Sunday.

Although it is possible never to go to the front desk, they will be able to tell you haven’t opened your room door. And if you don’t show they might just cancel the reservation.

You can just call the resort booking number, or use chat if it’s available.

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I would just inform them that you’d be arriving super late Saturday or perhaps in the early hours of Sunday (even if that’s not quite true). That would keep your reservation as it stands and then whenever you arrive you should be able to access the room, vs if you change it you risk not being able to get in until much, much later. There have been numerous reports of room-ready time being significantly delayed in the last couple of weeks — til LATE in the evening. In fairness, I don’t think I’ve heard of that happening for SSR. But whatever I could do to mitigate the risk of that happening I would do

ETA: not sure what time you think you’ll get there but if it’s not early Sunday you expect to arrive you could tell the above story in advance, and then call late Saturday/early Sunday to say you’ve hit a delay and that you’re definitely coming and will be there “soon”


When I have done online check in I have also had the option to put in I will be arriving after midnight


Thanks everyone for such useful information. Much easier to make decisions. :heart_eyes:

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