Early check in at Royal Pacific Resort?

hi was wondering how early can you check in at royal pacific resort ? I know it says 4pm I wanted to check in as early as I can to get rid of the bags and use room key for express pass is it possible to check in earlier?

We have checked in mid morning and left bags with bell services and then have been able to obtain our express passes to use right away at the park (even though we didn’t have a room yet).


perfect I am hoping to be able to do this to get the most out of the use of the express passes thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

That was exactly our thought too. A one night stay can mean express passes for two days. So worth it.

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ye exactly what I was thinking we are only staying for one night cause it makes more sense than just paying for the express passes on their own so if I manage to get two days use out of them will be worth it.

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Love your plan. You will be able to do so much in two days with express passes.

thanks hopefully things will all go to plan if I’m lucky last year was my first time doing Disney and universal as an adult and didn’t realise how much planning was needed and all the fast pass systems expresses passes and magic bands etc here in the UK at our parks we just have paper fast passes so was all new to me so made sure I have planned and done my research for this trip lol

Luckily the Universal portion when you are there should be simple compared to Disney. With express passes we just go where we want when we want. I hate to admit it but we don’t use a touring plan at Universal. We have never really found it necessary. And dining at Universal is easier because you get priority if you are staying at one of their hotels so we don’t make dining reservations either.

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I haven’t seen how to make dining reservations at universal is it not online? I could only see that you call to reserve so if staying on site I wont have to worry cause you get priority?

I know some restaurants at the Universal hotels and at City Walk can be booked online at OpenTable. We have never made reservations. We have just walked up to a restaurant and mentioned we were staying onsite and we were usually seated within about 15 minutes. Not sure it works like that at all of the restaurants, but we have had great luck with it.

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I might try your technique its hard to know what you are going to want to eat so far in advance so would much prefer just walking up and trying to get a table. would you recommend anywhere really worth dining at ?

Honestly, a lot of the restaurants at CityWalk are chains. We do like CowFish (because sushi and burgers really can go well together). There’s an Emeril’s at CityWalk and The Palm at the HRH if you wanted something nicer.

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thanks there are so many choices of different places tough to decide on only 2 lol

I kind of forgot about in park options. There is an Irish pub in US that isn’t bad. People rave about Mythos in IOA but I have never eaten there. My kids are huge HP fans (I think our last UK trip should have been called how many HP filming sites can we visit) so we eat often at 3 Broomsticks and The Leaky Cauldron.

You could tell the Harry Potter fans at my university quite easily during the first week, they were the ones looking very excited during the matriculation ceremony when we had to line up in robes in the courtyard of Durham Cathedral. If an owl had flown in there would have been chaos :joy:

That must have been a great ceremony. Durham Cathedral is beautiful.

This thread may be helpful.

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Yes, you will be bale to get your Express Passes as soon as you arrive on check-in day and use them through checkout day!

Stayed at Portofino Bay at Universal last June and they had our room ready when we arrived around 9 am. Not the same resort; however, both hotels are run by Loews.

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