Early arrival procedure?

It’s been eight years since our last trip. As we did last time, we are staying at BC and are planning to take ME from the airport to the hotel. I know ME will take care of our bags and that we may not have access to them for some time.

We are landing at 8:30am. Do we need to actually stop at the hotel front desk for any reason before heading to a park? We’ve received our magic bands - can we get off the bus and go straight to HS? I know HS is walkable from BC, but should we consider getting off ME at the first stop no matter what it is and heading straight to HS?

Assuming we can check into our room at the end of the day, and pick up our DP resort cups then?

Just returned from a trip, at the BC. Our plane landed at 8am.
We went to the BC with Magic Express, because we planned to walk into the back entrance to Epcot, and we had some carry-on bags to leave with bell services.

If you have nothing for bell services, and you do early check-in online, you can go straight to the parks with your magic bands. Worse-case, if they don’t work for some odd reason, guest services at the parks can and will help you.

Also from BC there is a boat to HS. it makes two stops, but probably same time as walking it.

Our ME bus stopped at Caribbean Beach, Yacht Club, then Beach Club. So getting off at YC would be an option. Getting off at Caribbean Beach, then taking an internal bus over to the brand new skyliner could work too. That opens Sept 29.

Thank you! Just the info we needed!