Early Arrival breakfast available? (re. Harry Potter package)

Hi - I’m looking into the booking the Harry Potter package that includes breakfast at Three Broomsticks and Leaky Cauldron. Anyone knows if these restaurants are open for Early Arrival, and what their hours are? I don’t want to waste precious park time eating, but on the other hand the package is really good.

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You can see the hours in the Universal app. You can compare those hours to published park opening hours to see if they open for early entry.

I wouldn’t waste EE going to eat, but since you will be in WWoHP for EE anyhow, you can go there after you spend time doing the things you want to do in Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley.

(Also pay attention to the park hours…it is frequently the case that only one park or the other is doing EE, not both. Sometimes both…but check which is offering it on your dates.)


100% recommend rope dropping the WWOHP for breakfast. Yes, TB is open during EPA. They both close for breakfast at 10:30.

The food is great, make sure to see the side drink menu. LC pics at rope drop:


I’m a major HP nerd. I don’t love the breakfast at either WWOHP place. IME - It’s too expensive for how little you get and just “ok” and etc…

I’ve done it a couple times & don’t do it anymore. I will say that @bebe80 has done it the most recently and reported that the food quality was better than my experiences…

If you want a good breakfast at UOR, we can make suggestions. If you want to eat inside WWOHP for theme I’ll tell you to go to Three Broomsticks, Florean Fortescue’s and one of the candy shops of your choice (I prefer Sugar Plums - less busy & they have a pumpkin cake over there I enjoy!)

I’d recommend eating at Three Broomsticks for lunch or dinner instead. I think the chicken platter is a good value and delicious. The ribs are “ok”, but smothered in too much sauce.

Please ask anything about Universal that you want! I love talking about those parks and right now there’s not much going on to discuss! All of us Universal fans are just waiting for Halloween Horror Nights announcements! (Those won’t be out until June! :sob:)


This is our first time, so thank you. Random question, are Express passes really neccesary? How bad do lines get? My point of comparison is WDW during Thanksgiving.

I posted a response to your Express Pass question in the other thread you started… :grin:

TL;DR answer = Yes

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We were a party of 6 and LC breakfast was one of our favorite meals during the week long trip.

Lunch and dinner food is great too.


We are?? :thinking::thinking::laughing::laughing::lobster::lobster:


Put those crawfish away! Mardi Gras is over! :rofl::rofl:

It’s almost May! That’s the start of HHN season, right? :rofl::innocent::innocent:

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Not me. Well, I mean…I suppose the announcements tell me when to AVOID going to UOR. I want nothing to do with HHN. Although, truth be told, we were there one year when HHN was in the evenings, and other than a few covered-up displays around the parks, it didn’t really impact our visit, since we were only there during the day.


I would actually be quite keen to go to HHN, but it’s not a feasible time for us to travel.
Same with Mardi Gras.

Given that it’s highly unlikely that I will ever be in the parks during those events, I get fed up hearing about MG and HHN on UOR vlogs :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:
They’ve literally just taken down the MG medallion and already the merch and construction for HHN is all they want to talk about :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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Don’t care two-hoots about Mardi Gras either. But we were there when it was going on, so we DID partake in a food booth. We don’t avoid Mardi Gras, though, like we avoid HHN. We just have no interest in it.


I used to feel the same way. I had no interest in horror. Then I went to my first HHN & saw what a real party it is! I am hooked now! I am already thinking about how can I go in 2025

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As I said, I would like to experience HHN, it’s just not a time of year we can travel, therefore I have little interest in hearing about it :woman_shrugging:t4:

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I avoid those, too. :smiley:


I admit I am the kind of person that likes a loud house party. I used to love them in high school and college. Get about 50+ strangers together with a bunch of booze, music and allow everyone to cut loose (when I don’t have to clean it or be responsible for anything! )

I genuinely love walking around USF at night during HHN with all the lights, fog, crazy loud music and crowds. I’d rather be in that environment than a quiet beach. That’s just me though!

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I’m not sure I can imagine anything more horrifying!!! (I’m mildly serious about that.)

Back in my high school days, at band camp, one night they had a dance. I had zero interest in dances, but some of my friends convinced me that I’d have a good time and give it a try.

I lasted less than 10 minutes. It was awful.