Early admission USF and still RD Hagrid?

Heading to Universal for one day this summer and we have early admission to USF, but we may still want to rope drop Hagrid. Is this possible and if so how? Will the Hogwarts Express transport you to IoA before that park opens? We have the express pass so we aren’t concerned about waits on anything but Hagrid. Want to make sure we do it right.

Based on the feedback I got from this thread:

The answer is, you will be behind the IOA RD crowd if you rely on the train. We plan to RD IOA on a day that USO has early admission, and it appears we’ll likely be ahead of those coming over on the train from USF.

So, if you want to get on Hagrids, I suggest you head over to IOA main gate for RD. I suppose it would be possible to do a couple things like RRR, then around 8:30 am, head back out the main gate and over to IOA to join RD crowd.

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Thanks for the reply! That may convince us to just enjoy the extra little bit of sleep and not try and make it for early admission. I feel like having the express pass will likely give us enough time to do the things that are important to us without that extra hour. So it’s not essential.


Keep in mind that IOA has been opening at 8:40 am for the RD crowd, so you will still need to be there by 8 probably if you want to be nearish the beginning of the line. That line starts building at 7:30. Even waiting in line for IOA to open will be time consuming but will not eat into your park time. Plus, you have EP to ride everything else. The main variable in all of this is whether Hagrid’s opens on time lol.


This is annoying. We rope dropped the parks in 2018, and when park opened the gates, there were like 20 people behind us. Hard to believe it builds that early now just due to a single ride.

It happens for FOP, it happened for SDD, it’s not that unusual. And Hagrid is a better ride than both of those put together imo.


^This. If you want to RD Hagrid’s, do not go to early entry at the other park.