Early 2025 Itineraries

It’s a little more complicated than that:



Okay yes - I saw that chart! Thank you - generally 90 days, not 60.

But then what is the deposit cost per guest? I couldn’t find that anywhere.


It is 20%.

Although I believe I read that if you book a placeholder while on a current cruise, the deposit is less. (It’s initially $250 per cabin and then you have to top it up when you book.)


Thank you! I appreciate it - I found something from the Disney parks blog but I don’t always trust that info.

Cruising seems so costly. It’s a hard pill to swallow :grimacing: not sure I’ll ever do it but I’ve been reading about it and it does seem fun/different!


So for the placeholders we’ve had so far, it’s still been 20% once we pick the dates to use the placeholder for, less the $250 you put down at the time of booking. I think if you book a long enough sailing (I think it was 7 days?) then the placeholder deposit was the only deposit you needed to pay. But I remember reading into it after we booked our first placeholder thinking we wouldn’t have much, if any more deposit & it was still the 20%.

They do sometimes have sales where they do 50% off the deposit so it’s only 10% but I think with the boon to cruising the last couple of years due to revenge travel, they’ve been able to fill more ships without putting as many deals or discounts out.


It is a big sticker shock, for sure. But when you compare that it’s your lodging, entertainment, activities, pool time and the very vast majority of your dining it helps lessen the blow. And it depends on how many upcharges you want to add on top too. There’s plenty of opportunity to rack up a bill too if you want. But you can also have a great time booking nothing extra and enjoying the pools, movies, crafts, games, characters, and shows all included already in that base price.


I will say DCL is pretty generous with the refundable deposits. Other cruise lines only offer refundable deposits on certain fares. The placeholder (a $250 deposit you place while on a cruise) is also fully refundable and becomes a “why not?” situation.

That being said DCL is 100% very costly.