Early 2024 After Hour Dates

New dates announced:

2nd set of dates


I enjoy after hour events more than Moonlight Magic Nights because there seems to be more for the guests to do and eat. hmmmmm, you get what you pay for? But DVC ownership isn’t cheap either :wink: :woman_shrugging:

Thanks for sharing this b/c I’m not good about following their blog posts


Awesome, thanks for posting. I have been waiting for this.

I’m trying to see if I can move our Universal trip a couple days. I haven’t been able to find a good price yet, so we’ll see. My budget was already maxed out but I can’t resist After Hours at MK!

How will this affect the crowd levels in the parks during regular hours?

The after hours events have no impact on crowd levels during the day, I just really want to go again.

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Have these events historically been on the same days as extended evening hours for deluxe guests (of course at a different park)? The extra evening hours for deluxe resorts aren’t listed for 2024 yet but have usually been Mon (EP) and Wed (MK), which are the nights of the MK (Mon) and HS (Wed) After Hours events. It seems like Deluxe resort guests would be some of the clientele that want expensive extra event tickets. I would love to be able to do multiple late night events.

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I am very interested in that HS one during my trip. That was going to be oir HS day, amd we were going to go in the evening. So either I should use this instead of one of our ticket days, or I should switch which evening I am in HS.

Whether they include TOT and RNRC will make a difference too.

Anybody know why there is a gap in the HWS afterhours between Feb 26- March 13? Ofcourse , thats when we will be there :frowning: Wondering if there is a refurb or something scheduled at that time…

They seem to be skipping one week as they transition from Mondays to Wednesdays?

I’m surprised they don’t explicitly list either of those. It is annoying when they decide to just list SOME of the included rides like that, leaving you guessing for the others.

It leaves me guessing they WON’T include them, which makes it not worth it.

I have only found these and the parties to be worth it on short trips where they take the place of a park day. But since two in my family have an AP, I am not going to risk not having those rides.

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I hear you. Although…you DO get in at 7:00 pm, but the event doesn’t officially start until 9:30…so, you could still get on RnRC and ToT during the evening even if they don’t leave them open for the event itself.

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Definitely harder to spend that $ if you’re AP

When I went to the MK event in Feb 2019 I was not AP; we had a one day ticket to AK and then the event another evening and otherwise were DS focused (and sleep)

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I thought about this - and if I didn’t have the AP, it probably would have been enough. But not knowing what the lines will be like for those rides during that time is also a consideration. If I started the evening off with two 45-60 min lines, my family would revolt!

I went last year and ToT was included. RnRC was closed at the time for refurb. I would be very surprised if these 2 were not open during afterhours.

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