Earlier FP+ or more desired FP+? HS in Oct, off-site guest


I was hoping for input about my FP+ strategy in Hollywood Studios during October. We have 2 days scheduled for HS. I am staying offsite and won’t have EMH.

For our first day in the park I tried to “burn” our fast passes as early as possible by getting early times and praying that we can get at least one more same-day FP+.

Our final FP+ begins at 1235 and is for a show we WANT to see (Little Mermaid). This is currently booked for me.

However, there is a show we DO NOT want to see that has an opening at 1145 (some dance party??). I am considering taking this time instead, with the intention not to attend, to gain access to the earlier time.

If I understand correctly that would allow us to book an additional FP+ 50 minutes earlier which seems VERY helpful.

Hoping someone who has an actual understanding of the system can advise me.

Thank you.

Are you saying you want to change the 12:35 reservation (Mermaid) to a 11:45 reservation (Dance Party) and tap in (Burn) the 11:45 reservation?

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Yes. In my mind that seems genius, but I don’t know the realities of if that’s a good idea or not… assuming the EEMH people also have access to the FP+ system then I worry all the FP+ will sell out

Also, I don’t think I understood- you must TAP IN before you can begin next FP+? Is it frowned upon to tap and leave?

Tapping in and leaving is a common practice.

For a better discussion on this, look here:

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Thank you!

I have read that post before but somehow missed that the “tap in” was literal to start the next FP+.

Do you have any input on if this FP change is a wise decision or not? Is it likely to matter either way?

Like I stated I’d be banking on better FP+ availability At 1145 than 1235

It would improve your odds, but with the higher crowd levels during the 2nd and 3rd week of October and SWGE opening it’s tough to say if the improvement would be significant.

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Thank you for your help!