"Each Person Needs to Buy Fantasmic Dining Package"

Hey there - We are looking to get the Hungry Bear pick up option for Fantasmic on the only day we are there in September (the week after labour day) when there are fireworks AND fantasmic - I do not want to miss fireworks because I have only seen xmas and halloween ones. So I thought it might be easier to try for an early show of Fantasmic with a dining package so hopefully we don’t have to line up quite so early - is this realistic? I’d like to dash over to a fireworks viewing area that rocks after that - knowing that in front of the castle is likely out but as close to the tomorrow land side of that for viewing as I can get.

When I booked the package I saw some small print saying each person in my party of 4 needs to buy a package - does that mean when we are booking ahead that I cannot book a party of 4? That each person should book a party of 1 Fantasmic dining package? I initially made a booking for all of us but then I changed it to just me thinking that, if I believe the small print, that when I pick up my food for 4 people I would only be given ONE voucher for fantasmic seating. This seems wrong but it the only night we can try so I don’t want to mess it up

Also I am wondering since the Fireworks are my MUST SEE what is the best time to see Fantasmic? - on a Sunday night off season?

Thank you Disney Gurus - you are rocking my ultra planned world!


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It means that you have to pay for each person that is eating and going to Fantasmic! You can’t have some one the package and others not.

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Ok so we all have to order food and pay for it from the fantasmic limited menu when we arrive to get food? Do we order and pay ahead of time? Or when we pick it up?

Thank you!

You go at your reservation time and order then. (You also pay then) They put it all in a bag so you can eat it there or somewhere else. They give you a ticket for the F! Seating area.

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Thanks so much! Have changed my reservation to 4!

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