"E-Liminator X" compatibility issues

Can other Android users relate?

I’ve done Villain Con Minion Blast five times since August. While the experience is fun, never have my scores been saved. The queue moves too fast; in the short walk from getting your toy gun to stepping on the conveyor belt, my phone doesn’t have enough time to pair. It just gets stuck on the black loading screen, and once game play begins the app shuts down. If you try to wait in the loading room (on a low traffic day I want to add!) it will eventually load, and take you to the home page for the game. But then it asks you to click to play, and the whole stupid process starts over again. Plus, you’ll get no help from employees; the crew members refuse to move from their spot and just snap at you to keep moving.

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Yes to all of this!

The app has been so spotty for me. It often won’t work. When I have success it’s because before I enter the queue, I’ve taken it out of case, gotten the app all the way to the pairing screen & do nothing but wait. Even then it’s not a guarantee. I don’t like the attraction because of the Ops logistics and weight of the blaster. Then add that the app I’m supposed to use is 50% working makes it something I don’t do anymore.

I did love collecting all the tap spots throughout Minions Land. I wish there were more scavenger hunt things this except have them make effects happen when you found them!

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