E-cigarette fluid in Disney

Kinda specialized question:

My husband no longer smokes cigarettes (yeah!) But he’s still vaping. Yes, he looks like a dork while doing it. But, his doctor says it’s much less risky than cigarettes. We’re flying down from Canada, and my hope is to pack for our 6 day trip with carry on and personal item only. And of course that limits the amount of liquid we can pack.

Knowing that he can’t vape in the parks, he plans to pack some nicorette gum (which he hates) as a back up. But he figures he will just wait and vape back at the hotel. What are our options if he runs out of e-cigarette “juice”? Is there somewhere in reasonable ubering distance where he can buy more?

Not sure. My guess is he will have to take a Lyft off property to get them.

BUT be aware that he will still have to go to the smoking area at the hotel. Using those things is still not allowed in the rooms.

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Buy at MCO, or Amazon.

I did a quick Google search and found multiple vape stores in the WDW area. However, if you’re staying on-site, you can ship some to your hotel before you leave home and pick it up at check-in. There’s a $6 charge for this, but that might be easier / cheaper than Uber / Lyft.

I don’t smoke. So I’m not sure what, if any, laws there are about shipping vape juice.

Mmm… my guess is that it’s not allowed to cross the border in the mail, but I could be wrong. You’d be better off, if you want to receive a package, to order it in the U.S.

Maybe this is a good time for him to quit for good? Everyone in their own time, but you could float it out there, if this is going to be really hard for him.

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I assumed they would order off of US Amazon,

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If I was him I’d just pack the liquid I needed. From what I understand one of those little vape bottles last quite a long time, and he’ll have an easier time buying toiletries anywhere in WDW, so I’d leave something like that behind instead. :slight_smile: