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My goodness! i remember when $16 was the upper limit.


5-night BW Studio start 4/15 for $294 or 26% under median price of $399.

Pair of 1-night BC Studios on 5/1 for $328 or 31% under median.

2-night OKW Studio start 5/19 for $219 or 23% under.


While the increase is remarkable in the last 5 or so years I think @JJT may have been on to something when he said we may be seeing the lull in dedicated rentals for the “Covid Point Boom” ™️ I think the people that booked to rent out or lose are getting caught up and maybe able to use their points now. I’ve heard this stated in a FB Buy, Sell, Rent page. I don’t think we will ever know for sure but I bet the influx of banked points helped to keep the count up. And even though Disney was back open for business in 2020, not everyone was comfortable traveling then or even in 2021 and early 2022.


Not much exciting in the new rentals this morning, but a little surprised to notice the $417/night 7-night Poly studio on 7/20 from the first VacationClubLife data pull back in Jan is still out there.
That is about 23% under median price.

Looking at Poly rentals 7-nights or longer, very little chance one might find a lower price for that room.

Even if you back off my scatter chart filter to include all rentals 2-nights or longer, it is still among the lowest price in most time frames.


New tonight:

3-night Riviera 2BR villa starting 5/12 for $660/night - or a HUGE 47% under median price!

1-night GF Studio on 4/6 for $390 or 25% under median.

7-night SSR 1BR Villa start 7/21 for $417/night or 30% under median.

This one is literally out standing in its field: near zero rentals for this room type this summer so far.


Price Drop
4-night CC Studio start 9/27, originally $350 now $301/night or 23% under median.

This dropped awhile ago, but kind of amazed it is still out there.

7-night OKW Studio start 9/21, originally $223, now $193/night or 32% under.


I like that OKW studio if it were of a shorter duration


There are also a few sub $200 4 and 5 night OKW & SSR in September still active now - plus a 2-night Jambo.


7-night AK Kidani 1BR Villa start 5/13 for $515/night or 23% under median.

That’s not the lowest price when looking at all multi-nights 2 or longer, but definitely among the lower end for a 7-nighter.

However, considering May 13th ain’t too far away, I’d kind of expect a lower price to start - or a quick drop if it doesn’t go right away. (Of course, my expectations don’t always meet reality in rental pricing.)

4-night BR Studio start 7/6 for $330 or 21% under median.

3-night OKW Studio start 7/7 for $220 or 23% under.


Price Drop

7-night SSR Studio Start 8/31 now $204 or 31% under median.


Updated the DVC Rental Deals page for those who enjoy that sort of thing.


Don’t have time to break down links etc today, so look for these on my search engine!

But: more late August and September listings dropping in price today… seems to me it might be a really nice time to go if the low prices are an indicator of how bookings are going.

There have been 56 dedicated DVC rental listings between 8/15 and 10/15 at or less than $210/night.
35 of those are sub-$200.


4-night GF Studio start 7/22 for $393 or 24% under median.


No exciting rentals in the last few updates. Ho hum.

But, took some time today at lunch to work on something that was annoying me (but no one else probably noticed.)

I had a “Price Changed?” search field in the form - but it was kind of wonky in my mind because in reality it was looking for ANY rental that changed in price, whether it happened yesterday or 11 months ago.

You can easily see all the rentals that changed in price already in the search results by clicking on the “Change” column header and sorting it highest to lowest.


What I really wanted the search field to do was show people rentals that changed RECENTLY.
So, I modified my data table to find rentals that changed in price over the last 7 days and record the number of days back that was. That way people who search a lot and just want to see if anything changed recently can do so quickly.

Remember: Only about 25% of all dedicated rentals ever change in price once they appear in the listings! Strange, but true.

IMO The most efficient way to use this newly updated search field is to ignore ALL the other search fields and just check this box and hit search.

If you did that right NOW you’d see there have been 43 rentals that changed in price over the last 7 days.
I picked 7 days since I’m sure most people don’t visit to look every day, so seems like a fair amount of time to think of as “newly changed in price.”

If you are hardcore and only want to see the newest of the new - you can always click on the header for that column and sort from low to high to see the most recent changed rentals at the top.


Nice add!


Last Minute Price Drop

4-night AK Jambo Studio start 4/7 now $240/night or 26% under median.


Splurgey Bucket List 1-Nighter Price Drop

1-night SSR Treehouse start 4/11, originally appeared in January for $1,020, dropped for second time last night to $510, or 45% under median.


Woah just noticed this after fixing an error in my “recent changed” rental formula from my changes yesterday:

SUPER Very Nice

10-Night AK Kidani 1BR (Wheelchair Accessible) SAVANNAH View start 4/15, originally priced $888/night, NOW $386/night or 41% under median price of $556 for all 1BR’s recorded.

And - that median does not take into account Savannah pricing! Yowza!
Within a few $ of the lowest price recorded for this room for a stay of a week - and the first 10-nighter recorded.


That’s a really, decent price :dizzy_face:


10 nights is a loooonnng time.

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