DVC You There! - Now with Bonus Content

Price Drop!

3-night BR Studio start 7/14, originally $352/n, now $320 or 23% under


:rotating_light: THIS IS A HOLY SMOKES ALERT :rotating_light:

6-night SSR Studio start 7/24 for $147/night or 50% under median.
Ummm, waht?

(That is roughly equivalent to a $131 cash rate before tax.)

There have only been 2 rentals 4-nights or longer priced lower than this. One was end of May, the other January and both of those appeared at 5-nights out or less.

1-night GF Studio on 8/17 for $399 or 23% under

3-night BLT 1BR Villa start 9/2 for $456/n or 45% under.

2-night Aulani Studio start 9/16 for $391 or 19% under.


1-night BW Studio start 7/21 for $272 or 32% under median.

2-night BLT Studio start 7/27 for $342/n or 23% under.

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Somebody said, screw it, I’m not dealing with Fastpass Multipass!


How the heck is this still available?


I know, amazing!


If it was one day later I would have snatched this up! I checked it 3 times last night. I could switch flights around with minimal trip disruption, have a room for the moment we touch down till the moment we called an uber to leave (vs using bell services on arrival and departure day when we wont have a room) for about $50 more than what I’m paying at Music.


@JJT did Vacation Club Life always have this filter function above their table of listings or was this recently added? For some reason I don’t recall seeing it last time I was on the site.


Hmm, I don’t think so?
To be honest, I haven’t looked at the actual page much once I got my pull script running.

Looking in the Wayback machine, there have only been a few dates archived and the last one was in Feb, but no filter then.


Now if only they’d update the site to have individual listing pages we could drive to rather than 1 single table


Whoops, previous message had a typo: I typed “I do think so” when I meant “I don’t think so” - fixed above!

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3-night Poly Studio start 7/21 for $399/n or 23% under

1-night Poly Studio start 7/24 for $425/n or 18% under


Rental sites playing some catch up today - 141 new rentals in total for the day! Almost all are around median or higher in price, a few random 1-nighters out there in Summer and Sept.

One really nice deal, identical to another two rentals we’ve seen recently:

5-night HH 1BR Villa start 12/22 for $400/night or 42% under median.


7-night BLT 1BR Villa Theme Park View start 8/24 for $662/night or 21% under median.

In reality, this rental is more like 26%-28% under median when just comparing to longer rentals AND these medians do not take into account standard/preferred/theme park, so is really better than that for this view.

For fun I modified my scatter chart generator to just grab rentals for this exact room (Theme Park View):

  • There have only been 41 rentals for it since start of project.
  • Median price is $980/night, so this one is 32% under median when including all 41.


Heading up to Binghampton for DD17’s college orientation today, so ran the refresh early. Probably won’t have a chance to run again until after dinner.

Nothing new posted yet, but some summer 1-3 night AK Jambo Value Studios rentals had good price drops.

3-night start 7/14, originally $333/night (INSANE) now $225 or 31% under median.

2-night start 7/15, orig $324/n now $243/n or 25% under

1-night 7/19, orig $348/n (MORE INSANE) now $252/n or 22% under

1-night 7/22, orig $297/n now $225/n or 31% under

Weirdly, 4 SSR and OKW rentals in Sept had price increases!


Speaking of Binghamton, this seems fun.
Anyone know where I can pick up some last minute ruby slippers?


Stay safe in that weather! We had long reaching feeder bands come through yesterday. It was heavy with high wind gusts. I can’t believe it’s still that strong way up there!

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Not many ruby slippers out that way, just the Roscoe Diner lol


3-night AK Kidani Studio start 8/3 for $253/n or 27% under

6-night DisneyLAND Duo Studio start 8/12 or $353/n or 29% under

6-night BLT 1BR Lake View start 9/7 for $634 or 24% under

7-night OKW 1BR Villa start 9/14 for $386/n or 27% under


1-night Poly Studio 7/14 for $320 or 38% under median.

6-night AK Kidani Studio start 9/21 for $200/n or 42% under

Price Drops
3-night AK Kidani 1BR Villa start 7/23 for $420/n or 24% under

4-night AK Kidani 1BR Villa start 7/28 for $420/n or 24% under

6-night AK Jambo Deluxe Studio for $241/n or 26% under

1-night AK Jambo Value Studio start 8/23 for $240/n