DVC WDW Properties - Are rooms nice?

Are the DVC room accommodations at WDW generally nice, or somewhat lacking? I know the resorts are all fantastic, but I feel I’ve read so much feedback that the rooms and corridors are shabby/overworn?

Only DVC property we’ve stayed at is BLT. We were there in a 1br a few years ago and it was stunning. Well done and in great shape.

I’ve stayed at GFV, BLT, BWV and BCV. The only one I felt that needed a spruce up was BCV…the room wasn’t shabby just needed some updating. All the others have been great.

In the past year, we’ve stayed at OWK, BLT, AKV, and BWV. The only ones that I would say was in pristine condition was OKW and AKV. For our BLT room, it was so worn down in our particular 1 BR that we’ve been talking about selling our points there ever since. For BWV, it was okay, but because we were staying in a studio, it was really just a glorified hotel room and not the kind of DVC experience that we’ve been spoiled by elsewhere. The one that really shocked me was how amazingly good OKW looks. I know it was refurbished not that long ago, but it seems to really be holding up.

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We’ve stayed at BLT and VWL. I liked both very much. VWL just did refurb. I liked the location of BLT best but I would stay again at VWL for atmosphere. We want to try OKW.

We’ve stayed at BoardWalk Villas, Beach Club Villas, Bay Lake Tower, Saratoga Springs and Animal Kingdom Villas. They are all very, very nice. My favorites are Beach Club, BoardWalk and Bay Lake Tower…location, location, location!

We have stayed DVC at BLT and at AKL and were very pleased with both. No complaints. Did studios at both resorts. For comparison, have stayed at CR, WL, POR, CSR, Poly and I would say the DVC rooms were in line with the renovated rooms at Poly.

Thanks all, I really appreciate the feedback on this. DH and I plan to rent points for our January 2015 anniversary trip and were getting worried about being underwhelmed. Sounds like that’s not too likely to be the case. :sunglasses:

Make sure to secure your points sooner than later so you can get the resort you really want.


Fair warning….once you try a DVC room, it’s really hard to go back to “just” a hotel room. :wink:


I think the chance to get a worn out room is the same no matter where you stay. It is up to us to report any issues and I think the biggest issue is that most do not.

We have stayed at AKL, BWV and VWL. AKL is wonderful! VWL just went thru a refurb. We had no complaints with our room at BWV either.

We love BCV for the resort amenities and location, but I do wish they would refurb the rooms. We’ve stayed in 3 different 2 BDs and they’ve all had various signs of wear and tear and really shown their age (the couch in the living area is particularly uncomfortable). We still enjoy our trips immensely, but if you’re looking for a really nice room for a romantic trip I would maybe try one of the newer ones (VGF is on my wish list, personally!)

We are staying at the villas at the GF next month in a 2 bedroom lockout. Will post my thoughts afterwards!

Well, we booked a stay for our anniversary trip! We’ll be staying two nights in a studio villa at Wilderness Lodge and two nights in a studio villa at Animal Kingdom Lodge (savannah view) in January. Thanks again to everyone who provided feedback - DH and I really appreciate it! :smile:

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