DVC Waitlist..how long if ever?

We currently have a room booked for 9/21-9/27 at SSR. I waitlisted a room at Boardwalk Villas. How often to waitlist request get fulfilled? I don’t want to get my hopes up about Boardwalk if it’s not even a possibility. And it’s 6 points cheaper to stay at Boardwalk vs SSR. Any insight would be helpful. This is my first time waitlisting a room thru DVC.

I’ve not waitlistd before either. However 2 things come to mind, based on reports from others.

  1. If you’re waiting for 6 nights, that means someone having to cancel almost a week long stay. If you’d consider a split stay, you could do 2 waitlists, each for 3 nights, which might increase your chances.

  2. Regardless of this, you need to be checking the RAT yourself, ideally at least twice a day. Even if your waitlist is matched, until a CM actions it, it won’t be automatically filled. You may find it yourself and can phone in.

Good luck.

I did read where it’s better to waitlist shorter stays. But that leaves me wondering if it will be better to cancel my current waitlist and do smaller ones. If I do that I’ll get bumped back to the bottom of the waitlist.

I’ve had 100% success with 3 or fewer night waitlist requests. Our trip for November is currently 6 nights in a 2BR villa at BLT, but now we will only have 4 people, so we’d like to go down to a 1BR. Because I know that shorter waitlist requests are more likely to be successful, we’ve chosen to make 2 separate requests for 3 nights at Beach Club and 3 nights at Grand Floridian. I called DVC to do this, so they could put in a note that said if either of the requests comes through then we want to shorten our original reservation for the 2BR. The notes are changeable without canceling the waitlist request, so whenever the first one comes through we can call and have them change the note on the remaining request to say that if it comes through then we want it to replace our original booking.

We chose to do a split stay at different resorts because if you’re doing 2 shorter stays then it’s treated like a split stay anyway even if you’re staying in the same exact level of accommodation at the same resort, and there’s a good chance you’ll have to switch rooms. We figured that if we have to pack up and move anyway then we might as well have a change of scenery and be in a place that’s closer to different parks for the second half.

Sorry, is wait-listing something that renters need to be concerned about as well? For example, my next trip I’m looking to stay in BLT for 9 nights in September 2018 and going through DVCRentaStore, so is this going to become a factor?

Waitlisting is what you have to do if there’s no availability at the resort you want. Members can book their “home” resort 11 months out, and they can book other resorts at 9 months out… BLT is very popular, and this extended booking window is pretty much necessary if you wantyour exact date there. I think the rental sites charge slightly more for this, as well.

It’s 11 and 7 months, but otherwise you are spot on.

Waitlisting isn’t something that would affect a renter using one of the rental brokers.

I knew it was something like that… in 8 years of membership this year is only the second time I’ve ever booked more than 4 or 5 months out!

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