DVC Tour/Seminar

Has anyone done the DVC Tour/Seminar at DLR? What does it require and what does it get you? And what do you do with your kids!?!?

I have. I did it about two years ago. I sent DH and boys to the pool (we stayed at the DLH which is where the DVC presentation is done). I was told when I made my appointment that it was fine if it was just me, but when I got there, they gave me some grief. They told me that I wouldn’t get FPs for the rest of my family, I dug my heels in and stated I was told different when the appointment was made. Begrudgingly they relented and I got 4 anytime FPs for each of us and a $100 gift card. They also gave me snacks and sodas to take back to the room. They have stuff there for the kids to do if you decide to bring them with you.