DVC switching to Interval International for exchange

I just got an email from DVC.

Effective Jan 2022, DVC will switch from RCI to Interval International for points exchanges,

Points already deposited into RCI will be good through 2023.

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I have no plans to use my points other than at Disney resorts.


I have never heard of interval international. Do you think this is the “training”MS is getting this week?

This is interesting. Some years ago Disney was using Interval International, if I’m recalling correctly. Then at some point switched to RCI.

Same. Seems like a very poor economic decision to use them any other way. If you want to go to another hotel, rent out your points and use the cash elsewhere.

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Depending on one’s timeshare, exchanging into DVC can be a very good use of the other timeshare points. :wink:

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I have a friend that missed her banking deadline and she could not rent her points out. She has two 1 bedrooms at a VT ski lodge Dec.26-Jan 1.


I had a quick look last night.

Marriott, Hyatt, Sheraton are all under Interval. Although a friend tells me I Year all have a poor reputation…:no_good_woman:

But Marriott have a property right beside DLP. That could be good for us if we hold our points in another 10 years or so - I’ll have to look up what the points “cost” is on exchanges.

I did read some comments that DVC used to use this exchange. Some people were thrilled the option was returning, others were disappointed!