Dvc studios/2 br lock offs

Could anyone share experience if you started in a studio and then had a 2 br lock off for the back half of a trip when more family joined you? Could you keep the original studio and just add the space next door?

They would be two separate reservations, but when you make room requests you could have them note the other reservation number and ask if you could avoid having to move rooms.

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I am hoping to do this too in December. I am going to ask when I check in, since I am renting points and can’t really called them up and request it.

You can’t contact Member Services yourself, but you can still do a fax request direct to the resort.

Thanks @brklinck . I don’t know why I thought since we were renting, faxing would do us no good. I will try it. The worst that can happen is they don’t honor it, right?

Right! :slight_smile: