DVC Studio Question

We’re renting points to go in April 2015 and are looking at getting 2 studios - we have 6, 4 adults, 2 kids, which is 1 too many for a 1BR. I’m wondering if we’re able to get adjoining studios. Is that possible? Are we able to request that in advance, or would that be done at online check-in? If resort matters, we’re looking at BWV or BCV. Thanks in advance!

I’m not certain about these specific resorts, but I do know that there are Studios next to each other at VWL, so you might be able to request them for BWV or BCV. However, they will not be connecting (i.e. have an internal door between them).

Not sure how flexible your budget is, but it might be worthwhile to upgrade to a two-bedroom if you can swing it. With two studios, they won’t have a connecting door between them (and while Disney will try to get you in the same general area room-wise, there’s no guarantee). If you go the two studio route, you won’t have a full kitchen – each studio will have a little kitchenette comparable with what you’d see in a normal hotel room elsewhere. If you go with the two-bedroom, you end up with a dining area and a full kitchen (plus the full living room), which might save a bit of money if you want to do breakfasts or a meal or two here in the room. And that way you’d also know that everyone is in the same suite, which can cut down on some stress.

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If you want connecting studios, you may be just as well to just get connecting hotel rooms rather than renting points. Cheaper, more flexible, with basically the exact same amenities (kitchenette, no laundry). Preferred at CSR or POR or CBR probably almost as nice for much, much less money, even with point rental.

@togadadof2 - it should be possible. I’d fax the resort 5 days in advance with your specific room requests.

It looks like BCV only has a couple of adjoining studio rooms on each floor (here’s our map showing them): x25 & x27, and x59 & x61. There are more studios that are on opposite sides of the same place in the same hallway, though, if that works for you.

Check out the view from x59 & x61 by clicking the individual room on that map - they’re good. If you want to request those from Disney, we have a new fax feature that’ll do it for you 5 days before your trip automatically. Just select one of the rooms as your favorite, and note in the new onlne request form that you’ll need 2 adjoining rooms (might want to give both reservation numbers, if there are 2, along with names, etc.).

BWV has more side-by-side studios, but they’re not standard; they’re garden or pool view. You can use the same hotel room view map feature on our site for BWV, though, and the process of finding the room and having us make the fax request is the same.

Thanks for this, great idea!

Poly DVC opens April 1st. Owners can start booking Feb 9th and then non owners just a couple weeks after that. Should be easy to get a April booking. Those studios do connect and each studio sleeps 5!