DVC Rooms at Jambo House at AKL

We are renting points for the first time from David’s rentals. We have a Deluxe studio - Savannah view room at the AKL in the Jambo House. I know all of the DVC rooms are on the 5th floor, but I wasn’t sure how to request a certain room number on the resort fax. Are the only rooms on the 5th floor DVC units, or are some for other WDW reservations? I didn’t see anything on the room finder that specifically said if a particular unit was a DVC unit.

Thanks for the help!

In the Room Finder for AKL select “Savannah View Studio” as the room type.

Ok, great. Thanks!

I will be doing the exact same in November. Jambo, Savannah view studio. Do as brklinck said, then you can filter by distance, noise level, etc. It will highlight the rooms that match your criteria. You can then click on the individual rooms and see the view from the balcony. Some views are better than others.

Our trip is not until May of 2018. Hopefully, I’ll see on here what you picked and how it turned out for you. Have a great time!