DVC Room Request

I’m staying at Bay Lake Tower, through Davids DVC point rentals. I had two questions:

  1. How early should I request to be on a certain floor/certain room?
  2. How likely is it that my request will be approved? Anyone have experience with this, please share!

room requests aren’t usually looked at more than a few days out from your arrival.

are you going to use the room request tool on TP? They fax it in about 5 days ahead.

we’ve had mixed results. nothing is guaranteed beyond your room category.

Thanks for asking, ifrahatiqi, as I am also staying at BLT thru Davids and had the exact same question. We have a lake view studio - have you narrowed down your choices yet as to location? I haven’t really looked into it extensively yet.

What is “TP”? sorry I am new to the lingo. @disney1974

I havent narrowed down too much, I just know I want to be in an even room so I’m facing towards MK.

Just realized TP might mean Touring Plans, I totally didnt realize they would be able to send a request for me.


Yes! On your dashboard, create a trip by entering the dates you’ll be there.
Then you can use the room finder tool to pick a room. When you click on a room, it will ask if you want to request this room for your trip.:relaxed:

Alternatively, you can make a more vague request if you do online check-in on My Disney Experience. This does not let you specify room numbers though.

Do you have a Theme Park View (or Park View or whatever they call it on DVCrequest)? If not, it’ll be a bit tricky to get it. If I recall correctly, the choices are Lake View or Park View…

We had a studio, 14th floor, technically Lake View. But…by using the TP room finder, we got one at the far end with the Park View & Lake View. it was great.


Great question, so you should only do that 5 days in advance? Or you can click on it anytime and it will automatically send 5 days in advance?

I filled mine out about a month ago for a trip next month here on TouringPlans.com; it says they will send it five days before we arrive. Whether it does any good or not…well, we’ll find out.

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you can fill out the request any time. TP will handle the submission when the time comes.

Does Disney ever upgrade people based on demand? I.E. If there are park view or lake view units open and they are fairly tight in the standard views, do they ever bump people up?

I think its pretty rare to get a random upgrade to a theme park view at BLT. Its usually very booked. I wouldn’t count on it.

We used the TP room request fax about 18 months ago on BLT Lake view studio we reserved through Davids also. We got our first choice of rooms and were able to see the MK fireworks from our balcony.

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Yep. Upgrades are rare at DVC wherever you are staying.

Most of the time, virtually all the rooms that are in the DVC inventory are going to be booked. And even if there are a few still available they won’t give you a better room than you used your points for. And if you rent you are treated just the same, because it’s the DVC member who made the booking.

We have a split stay. Can the fax do more than 1 request? I tried to do that, but it seemed like it only saved one. I very well might have done something wrong, or it only saves one request.

For our split stay last month, we had to create two different “trips” on the dashboard screen. Clicking on each individual trip gives the “fax room request” option at the top of the screen, so you can have TP send 2 different requests.