DVC resorts provide coffee?

Staying at BLT do they provide coffee for in the room?

not sure about that but I know the food court coffee is BLCH. Coffee selection has gotten better in the past but you are better off bringing via packs and making your own with water. Good luck!!

There is a thread that started about the dish situation at a DVC studio and then ended up about the coffee!

I believe the message was that it was a flat bottom filter style coffee maker (12 cup) and that there was coffee left each day, but if you ran out you could call mousekeeping for more. (Maybe check the actual thread for the details)

Coffee is provided (usually two packets), at beginning of stay and is replenished with mouse keeping, which is not every day when you stay DVC. (I believe trash and towel service on 4th day and full housekeeping on 7th day if you stay 8 nights or more) So we always need more coffee and bring extra packets of coffee with us. Machine is usually a 12cup machine.