DVC Resale Timeline

@melcort10 I received an email today that my first transaction has finalized. Not sure what they mean by that … recorded? I did google the OC Register but do not see a deed with my name on it. Yet. Can you remind me how long it took for Disney to notify you that they had completed the transfer? The title company says to allow 4 weeks. Yikes! Hoping it isn’t that long …




Hi! Woohoo! So they told us that we closed and the deed was “sent to the county” on 2/2. I didn’t check right away but maybe 3-4 days later and it was there dated 2/3. So definitely check again tomorrow. I got the email from Disney on 2/18 that my resale transfer was completed. It said in the email that it could take up to 7-10 business days for the points to be loaded but they were there when I checked on the 19th. So like 2.5 weeks for me!

Do you already have a DVC account though? Getting the membership number in the mail is what takes WAY too long in my opinion.

Is that the part where I need to call them with my deed info?

So not funny! But very true. We have to use some of the points this year and have a trip where we could use some in early April, but it’s either going to work out by the skin of our teeth or not happen at all. Oh well. I will use them one way or another. :laughing:

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Ya, they will mail you the membership number and won’t email you if you are new. So I would wait 2 weeks after you see that deed recorded and start calling.

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Are you ok with whatever/wherever you can get for rooms? I think you could likely make it but definitely by the skin of your teeth for sure.

The title company said Disney will email me when the transfer is complete but I don’t think that’s right based on what you have told me and other sources.

It’s possible? My first purchase was in 2017. But I think I only got an email because I’m an existing member.

Well, I don’t want to spend on a 1 bedroom, but will basically take any studio anywhere if I can get it. May have to split stay even though it’s just two nights!

This is how it was for me when we bought our contract. We planned to go in Oct, and we just barely made it by the skin of our teeth to get it reserved.
I think we closed in August.


At this rate I wonder if you could actually get something good with the way stuff seems to move around now that holding isn’t on.

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I have a reservation at ASM so we are covered either way. It just would be nice to use the points especially since they expire in August. But I do have another tentative trip planned with my DD21 who wants to “drink at Disney” for early June.

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My deed was there today! So I’ll wait a few weeks and see if I get an email.


Woot woot! Congratulations! :blush:

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Yay! Sooooo close!

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