DVC resale sites

Anyone have a preferred resale broker? Or did you just pick the one that had a contract you liked the most…And use year, is there any benefit to one month over another?

We purchased through the timeshare store 3 times, and would again in a heartbeat.

You can be put on an email list getting the newest listings and let them know what you are looking for.

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Also resalesdvc.com. Have bought from them twice and was a smooth process

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timeshare store is AWESOME.

Well, we ended up using disneydvcresale.com to search for about what we wanted and then found a contract we liked on dvcbyresale. Sending in the paperwork today for BLT (I’m hungry just thinking about it).

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Can anyone comment on using financing? (On the timeshare store site, they list sites to go through for financing) Or did everyone pay cash?

We got a better rate financing through our credit union.

We are paying cash. When financing, the annual savings drops considerably. I found even paying cash, a lot of situations would be better if one invested the money and used the annual return to rent points every year. I found a sweet spot based on how much I paid per point and average yield on my investment funds over the past several years and it made sense for me. I didn’t run the numbers with interest on a loan, but I imagine it would be a lot harder to find a situation that balanced out.

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