DVC Rental Store offers point swap for UOR vacation

Doesn’t interest me, but I’m sure others here might be interested if the financials work out

Basically you work with one of their agents to build a UOR trip you like and then they figure out how many points you need to cover it.

I assume they then turn around and rent your points out? Not a whole lot of details in the article but might be worth looking at if you’re a UOR person


Sounds like the points swap for DCL Cruises. I thought that was Davids who introduced that but could have been this broker.

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I asked for a ballpark idea of what the swap would look like for something like this - not for myself, but the post is rather vague and I hate getting an agent involved unless I know it’s even in the right range.

Anyway someone on the DVC Fan FB page pointed me to the cruise points swap info as an example of what this would look like. I’ve never looked into that, but isn’t that a poor exchange? (realizing it’s not the same thing as using points to buy a cruise directly)

So using the points swap, you rent your points out and use the cash to buy the cruise. Only the broker does it for you.

So better than using points directly, because each point is worth whatever the going rate is for the broker ($19 say). As opposed to booking through DVC where each point is valued at something like $10.