DVC Rental Store News Coming 4/11

Just saw this on a FB group:

No idea what it could be.

Any guesses?


I saw that but no idea!

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I think Paul Krieger hinted on the DIS that they might be increasing the amount they pay owners per point. Don’t know if that’s got anything to do with it?

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Oh! People were saying Savid’s just increase rental points again.


I hadn’t heard that. Interesting. Maybe a sign of how much demand is outstripping supply.

I’m just hoping I don’t need to rent points out again, at least for some time. :crossed_fingers:


I know Davids just increased how much they pay owners last week. I was about to make a few reservations for a split stay and the cost went up $600 over night. I took it to mean high demand short supply.

Looking this morning, it appears The DVC Rental Store is paying $.50 more per point than David’s does as of this morning. I’m not sure if that is a change from last week or not.

DVC rental store is paying $17.50?

Oh. Sorry. Actually, $.50 more per point ($16) for the NON-premium resorts. $1 more per point ($18) for premium resorts.

Here is the chart from their site:

How much are they charging for premium 11 month bookings? More than the $21.50?

I think so. They don’t actually tell you explicitly how much it costs per point. You have to put in your dates and they calculate the price. I’d have to “reverse engineer” their price per point.

I just picked one example…a 1 bedroom preferred room at BWV. 29 points, and they are charging $754…which comes to $26 pp!

I think insurance is included?

I don’t know. It doesn’t break it down. (Maybe it would if I tried to proceed with renting.)

NEW Member Point Payouts – Up To $18 Per Point: NEW Member Point Payouts - Up To $18 Per Point - DVC Rental Store

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Thanks for sharing!

This is pretty “meh” to me. I use my points :wink:

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Yes - It includes their built-in Stress-Free Cancellation Policy.


I will actually be re-running my numbers. I did not add on another small contract because I figured I would use that 10-12k to rent points instead. Maybe I will buy.

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