DVC Rental Store Confirmed Reservations

Has anyone watched/booked one of these “confirmed reservations”? What happen as the date gets closer and closer? They keep dropping the price? Do they take a total loss on it if it isn’t rented? (Meaning would they be willing to rent it for a steal???)

It isn’t the Rental Store’s reservation, it’s a reservation made by a DVC member. So it would be up to the member what they do as it draws closer, not the Rental Store - who don’t lose anything.

What’s likely to happen is at just before 31 days the member is likely to cancel the reservation and get their DVC points back, or give it to a friend to use! If I’m giving a ressie away (or selling it “for a steal”), it’s going to be to someone I know :grinning:

So, 31 days is the magic number members have to cancel before? So it is in the newsletter than went out today (for 15 days away)…so it would be a loss if it doesn’t get rented?

To be honest I haven’t used these sites for renting out a confirmed reservation. It isn’t a good way of renting out points imo, unless it’s over NYE of course lol!

But 31 days is the cut-off time for getting points back in the best way. At 15 days if they cancel the will have more limited use of those points if they cancel. That’s the best way I can think of for describing it without getting into the intricacies of how DVC points work. But not necessarily wasted though.

Has anyone watched/booked one of these “confirmed reservations”?

Yes, we did … just yesterday as a matter of fact for a reservation 10 days from now. Obviously a completely last minute decision on our part, but it was for a resort, room size and time of year that we really wanted. We were actually discussing plans to re visit WDW about this same time next year until we saw this opportunity show up. Price got down to $13 a point, not too bad for a DVC rental. We even made Magic Express reservations, FP’s and many ADR’s we needed/wanted last evening. 1st time we ever did something like this. We consider ourselves fortunate.

All of our previous trips to WDW have been meticulously planned out 6 - 9 months in advance, or more. Our last trip was the first time we ever rented DVC points (for a reservation we made 10 months in advance). That was how I learned to watch the rental sites for “confirmed reservations” and noticed the pattern where some great last minute deals do indeed open up. I told my wife that in many cases these easily beats the best of any Disney offer made months earlier. For those who are flexible and willing to take a risk, it can be a viable alternative.


@knapp9er I’m very interested in how this turns out for you. I’ve considered it before, but I’ve always been too nervous to make it happen. What resort are you staying? Do you mind if I ask the price? Thanks!!

NP. Guess I’ll have to post another trip report when we get back. :smile:

Its the GF. Worked out to about $450/night for a 1 bedroom villa. Ironically, there still were other choices available at this late date (at MDE and at DVC rental brokers), but it involved things like fewer days available, moving from one resort to another to extend the stay for the total time we wanted, rooms we didn’t like, at a resort location we really did not want, and so on. Typical issues for a last minute trip. So we had other options, but like all things in life this boiled down to personal preference for us. In this case we got exactly what we wanted. We are really looking forward to this trip.


A trip report - Yes please!! I can never get enough trip reports!! Enjoy!
I’m going to look into it. GF is my preferred resort. $450 for concierge is fantastic!