DVC Rental Schedules

Currently researching for a trip in 2021. I pretty much have my heart set on BC and had a whole plan around that, but pricing it at rack rate is really giving me second thoughts. I started to look into DVC and accepting maybe renting at other delux resorts, with BC being first choice. With your experiences, is renting for 7 days probably easier to get than renting for 6 days? Is there a better day to start your stay, Saturday or Sunday? The trip I’m planning would be for 6 days, but if staying for 7 would give me a better chance to get a rental, I could definitely add a day. Thanks!

Rentals can be for any length of time and start on any day.

I’ve rented out some points this year, from anything from a week to 2 days.

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Thank you! I’ll keep the desired dates then and hope for the best!

Instead of doing another post, I have another question. In one of the stores they have an option of second and third choice. If you do not get your first choice do they just go down the list of choices. If there is no availability do they offer different dates? How does the waitlist work? Thanks!

I don’t know how they manage 2nd & 3rd choices and so on. But I did want to say something about the waitlists.

It isn’t a strict waiting list, in an order of first requested will get the first available points.

The brokers send out a request to any owner with the “correct” points to be able to book it. The owners can choose which requests to pick up. They might not want to book a short stay, they may decide to hang on until they’re offered a longer stay that will use up virtually all their points.

The ball is totally in the owners’ court here. The broker can only send the details out, they can’t ensure the person waiting the longest gets their request fulfilled.


Thank you so much @Nickysyme! That makes a lot of sense. Our stay would be longer at 6 nights so we have that on our side. Overall I think I have a pretty good sense of what it would be like to rent DVC points. I think we will make two reservations, and see what works out. Thanks again for answering my questions so quickly!

I don’t know what the 2nd and 3rd choice is for - I was told I had to pick to be on the waitlist for BC or BWI. I was hoping if one came available before the other they would let me know which one, but that wasn’t the case.

I am reading that people are having a hard time finding what they are looking for. Inmean BC then BW would be my 1 and 2 picks. Poly would be 3rd but would love to walk to two parks. I wouldn’t turn down Poly for DVC rental prices but I’m looking for location. I have a reservation at BC just would prefer to spend money elsewhere. I mean we are talking over a year out so this could change a million times until May or until the actual trip next year. Disney is easy if you go a lot, not so much for those who don’t go as often.

I have a request in with David’s. BC was not available (even at 11 months) so they contacted me with several options to choose from. I picked my new top choice and am waiting for an owner with points.

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I didn’t know they present you with choices. This could be fun if your heart isn’t set on a specific resort. Good luck, i hope you get what you’re looking for.

They tell you which resorts still have availability.

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I recently rented points via Dave’s, and only requested a single location. They responded that there was no availability, and listed a half dozen that were available. Requested BC, ended up at Poly, for an early Dec booking. :slight_smile:

I found this thread useful to get an idea of how busy the DVC resorts are throughout the year:
Predicted DVC Booking Patterns

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This is AMAZING! Even with the outdate stats. Thank you so much!!!

When I rented from David’s in 2018 (11 months prior to our trip), there was an option to add 2nd, 3rd and 4th choices. They would automatically book your 2nd choice if your top choice had no availability, if 1 and 2 not available, proceed to book 3, etc. This only referred to room inventory availability (not point availability). If the room requested was available, but they didn’t have an owner with the points, then you got the option of waiting for the points or picking another first choice.