DVC Rental Refund

OK folks, rented DVC at $21 per point and had to cancel.
Luckily I purchased insurance that says my refund = $19 per point (up to max of what was paid to date).

So if I’ve paid 50% downpayment shouldn’t I get all of that back?
Clearly it doesn’t exceed the $19 per point.

However the rental company is saying I’m owed:
$19 x points - what I’ve paid.

I don’t see how the balance can be my refund.
I’d get less money back if I paid a larger downpayment.

So if the rental was $2100 and I paid $1050 then they’re saying I only get $850 back.
This is based on $1900 refund - $1050 I paid.

Am I mistaken?

The amount you paid as down payment minus $2 per point is how I would see it. You paid 50% at $21 per point. You should get back $19 per point x 50%.

Not sure if that works to the same amount.

If you rented 100 points, that means you paid $2100 x 50%, or $1050. You would get back $1900 x 50%, or $950.

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Oh. I see. They are not refunding you based on your down payment. They are refunding based on full amount. Makes sense, actually, due to the behind the scenes rules on points.

In that case the $850 is probably correct

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The agreement says: Refund will be $19.00/Point up to what you have paid.

Right. They won’t refund you more than you paid of course!

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I’m still not sure how that makes sense.
Refunds are supposed to be returning your money.
Not sure how the balance owed figures into it.

Don’t think I’ve ever seen a refund work like this.

ETA: I hearted your comments because I appreciate your responses.

Forget about what you paid. The cost to rent was $2100. The refund then is $1900. That’s a $200 difference. So subtract that $200 from what you paid.

Put another way, you have to pay them $2 per point to cancel in some way. They simply deduct it from your down payment.


Life would be a lot easier if they wrote their agreement to say what they wanted.

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True! :slight_smile:

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And in the end, the cost of court would be much more than whatever money I’d see.

Oh well, just another nail in the coffin of this failed trip

And the rest of the story:
After some back and forth, and checking with higher-ups, I will be refunded the complete downpayment.
On a day of cancelling our trip, it’s nice to see good news.


Oh, that is good news. Glad to hear you aren’t losing anything (well, other than the cost of the trip insurance itself).

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And this way when we start planning again, this company will remain an option with no issues attached.

@GreyingMouser, is this The Rental Store? Glad they are refunding you.

I really want to know how this new refund policy is handled from the owner’s POV. I can’t work out how they work this at all.

I saw that they’ve got a new refund policy but this wasn’t that.
So I’m curious about it too.
I wonder what info DVC Owners got about the new policy from The Rental Store.

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Actually since I posted, I read the agreement with the Rental Store and realised it probably wasn’t, because they’re issuing vouchers not an actual refund.

Owners have to agree to rebook and /or make changes as many times as they are asked as long as the points don’t expire. That alone, to me, contradicts their “we make it simple for you” blurb to owners. Will be interesting to see if they have a problem getting owners to register with them.

As for the refund, I can only think they must be banking on being able to find other points with which to fulfil the vouchers :no_good_woman: There is a $5 gap between what they pay and what they charge per point, so maybe they’re self-insuring by putting some of it aside.

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