DVC rental question

I’ve got a rental lined up for all but one night of my stay, Polynesian deluxe studio. Owner needs to wait until 7 month window to book that remaining night due to current point allocation. With availability at Poly, can I wait until we hit 7 month window or should I set up with another owner for a 1 night rental?
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This is a tough one. David’s recommends booking Poly studios 7 months in advance or earlier, so you are right on the border. Maybe you could find a Poly owner that you can rent points from and have them transferred to the owner for your current rental - that way you can have your current stay extended rather than have two separate reservations.

Transfers are tricky, because you can only transfer points once a year, either in or out. And that would need arranging between 2 owners, all through a renter neither has met. Also it is MUCH riskier than renting (you can always cancel a booking if the renter fails to pay; there is nothing you can do if you transfer points and then don’t get payment). I wouldn’t consider it as an owner.

Edit: also by renting points the owner is booking for you. You can’t rent points and then pass them on, the points never change hands.

Personally I would book a cash ressie for the night, just to make sure I had it.

Would booking the studio cash reserve the availability so that I could cancel it as the 7 month window opens? Is it possible to book DVC cash this far out? I’m looking at May 2018.

You can book a DVC studio just like an ordinary room. So yes, you can book it now. And exactly, you cancel it if the DVC owner can book a studio at 7 months for you.

But the studios available for cash are a different inventory from those bookable through DVC, so it doesn’t suddenly make it available for the DVC booking by cancelling right at the 7 month window. Only cancel when you have the rented studio. And ask the owner to put on a “continuing stay” on BOTH studio bookings, to maximise the chances of staying in the same room.