DVC Rental process

Could someone please explain the process for renting DVC points. How do the Magic Bands (are they still mailed to you), tickets and dining plan work when renting? What is the ideal time frame to start the process? Has anyone ran into any problems doing this? TIA!

We rented points for our last trip through dvcrentalstore. http://dvcrentalstore.com/ The DVC site is really easy to use and walks you through all of the necessary steps. You can play around with dates, resorts, and prices before you even talk to a rep. Once you know what you want, the rep really guides the process. They will check for availability…no fee to do this at this site.

The scary part for me was committing 7 months out…some timeframes/resorts require 11 months out. I bought trip insurance just in case, but they also offer their own program that is like trip insurance.

We were able to use the DDP…they handled this as well. We bought our tickets separately, but I believe they will do this for you as well. We linked our tickets and our MBs were shipped to us.

We had absolutely no issues using this company. Everything worked out great! Just make sure when there is an availability you want…take it right away. I hesitated…and poof! It was gone. I still got a great room…but at a higher price point. I’ll know for next time as we are planning on renting again this year.

I was very nervous about this process before I actually began it, but the fine folks here on TP talked me off ledge…and we had a great trip! I’m sure you will too!

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Where did you stay? I am starting to look into this and would love some recomendations

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We stayed at Kidani in AKL. We had a deluxe studio with a Savanah view. We enjoyed the view of the animals, but we were in the parks so often, I don’t think I would pay extra for that again. Others on this site have posted great shots of animals from standard view rooms. I think we are going to try that as we really liked AKL!

Awesome! Thanks for the tip - good to know that standard rooms have as good of a view. I am leaning towards BLT with the MK view.

Nice!! My DD would be so jealous! BLT Is definitely on her bucket list!! Hope you get a good deal!!

Use the room finder here on Touring Plans to get an idea what the views are actually like. I found a few standard views that had views of the park to the side as well as the lake.

We rented through David’s, and the process was very efficient and easy. David’s can also add the dining plan to the reservation, though that means the person who owns the points has to have your credit card number. Since the Dining Plan usually ends up being more expensive on average than paying your own way, we decided to pass on that.

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I booked through DVC Rental Store twice. No complaints and I don’t think I would ever book a future Disney vacation in any other way!
You get all of the same perks that you would if you had booked directly through Disney (magic bands, fast passes, magical express, etc.) I don’t think there is a single thing that would would miss out on by renting DVC points.
DVC Rental Store applied the dining plan to our account. We bought our park tickets separately (via the Disney site since I had gift cards). All reservations linked up to my Disney Experience account as it normally would.
I booked both trips at the 7-month window for a slightly cheaper rate. I think you can book as far as 11-months out? I didn’t have any issue securing the reservation I wanted (Bay Lake Tower) at 7-months but we also traveled at a relatively slow time of year.

I highly recommend!!!


We rented points from David’s and stayed at BLT last time we went. We loved it. The site was easy to use and the agents were really responsive and helpful. I second @mikeandkelli on using the room finder. We were unable to get a standard view studio room at 7 months out but were able to get a lake view instead. If you get the right rooms, you can see the MK and the fireworks from your balcony. When we go in 2017 we are doing a split stay between BLT and BCV renting points.

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