DVC rental & Poly Studio questions, does anyone know please?

1 If I rent DVC points and book accommodation that way, how does this effect being able to book my ADR’s & FP’s please? Is it different? Can i still link everything to my own account? Can I still book for my whole stay at once?

2 Do the Poly studios all have a patio or balcony please? and is the lake view always of the castle?

3 I’m coming from the UK so won’t be picking up our magic bands until we at the resort, would this be effected please?

We rented points through a DVC site both last year and for this year. We did not have a problem booking ADRs or FP+'s (ADR’s already set for this summer). I can’t answer your questions about the Poly. I don’t think when you get the Magic Bands effect these things but can’t be certain.

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Thank you, so you could link your reservation and make all your ADR’s for the whole stay? Will you be booking your FP’s at 60 days too please? Thank again.

All your arrangements will be in My Disney Experience. The magic bands will be connected to your MDE when it is issued. Magic Band is just an RFI identifier, your PolyResv, FP+ and ADR, etc., will be on MDE which your Magic Band will point to when scanned.

Exactly. FP+ can be made at 60 days. Only downside we found to renting DVC was that there isn’t any flexibility if we had to cancel and maid service isn’t daily.

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We just rented dvc points to book a lake view studio at the poly. The reservation gets linked to your mde. You have to add dining through the owner but then that gets linked too. Once the room is booked, you can make ADR and fastpass the same as if you booked through disney.
As for the poly, all lake view studios are in moorea, which has an excellent location next to ttc. Walking to the monorail was so easy! And they are all theme park view from that building but the bungalows block the view from the first floor. We stayed in rm 3018 and it was perfect!

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