DVC rental Kadani Village room location final questions

So I am coming up on my 5 day fax request date and I am still unsure of where to select. I know it is not guaranteed but this will probably be the only time we stay at AKL so I want to make sure my DS4 has a great view. So right now I am thinking of requesting the north wing kind of close to the lobby but the lobby is not extremely important. Looking at the pics from the room finder to me it looks like the second floor has the better views but after talking to a couple of people they have all said select the third floor. Any advice either way or do you have a really great room # for me (Studio Savannah view)? I know I have asked a bunch of questions on this and I really appreciate all the great input. Thanks

Any floor for savanna view, close to lobby is always best for us. (Sunset Savanna, and very convenient.) I even love same floor as lobby.