DVC Rental Deals New Blog Post & Reference Page

Hey Everyone,

I’ve got a new DVC rental deals blog posty post out there this afternoon -

Also, in it announced a new regular resource on the Touring Plans web site - a table of the best dedicated DVC rentals out there each week. (For now “best” is defined as more than 25% below the median price, plus any others that are uniquely interesting.)

The DVC Rental Deals page is only available to TP subscribers - hoping to provide some added value to the community!


I posted on chat but I want to thank you again. I have bookmarked the touring plans page. I appreciate all your work on this! Thanks!


My pleasure!

I started out just trying to figure out what/where/when the DVC deals might be for myself, now that I’ve got a system down @len thought it seemed worth sharing on the site. :slight_smile:


This is great. Thanks @JJT. Really excited about this.


Thank you for this!!

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Looking through weekend data, saw another $207 OKW studio appear for September.

So far there have been 23 OKW & SSR studios that month for less than $230, and only 6 of those were over $210. Most are 5 days with a few 2,6, or 7 day reservations mixed in.


This is AWESOME! While I typically rent through the usual request process at Davids, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of just going when there is a good deal. So I have the various sites all bookmarked and check them when I get in a travel mood.

Any chance you’ll open it up to all available dedicated rentals (with some filters) down the road?

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If you haven’t seen it before, I personally played around with creating a search engine for my data -


It can be clunky on refresh times because Google Sheets is annoying, so may take some patience to get results once in awhile. But will let you search all rentals out there for the 4 sites I check by dates, # days, price. You can even turn on history to see deals that are gone to see what has been out there for any dates.

One of these days I hope to make it a more robust tool using a better database search option, but for now not enough time for me to get that done.


There’s a new DVC Rentals bloggish post hot off the presses.