DVC refurb schedule and resort choice - Poly, Boulder Ridge or BLT

Hello. I haven’t been on this forum in a bit but love, love to drop in from time to time and absorb all thd enthusiasm!

My question is around resort planning for a FAR off trip - Thanksgiving week, 2025 (originally planned for 2019). Seems like forever but we bridged the gap by going to DLR for 5 days in Jan, ‘22 and added 1.5 days at the end of a Europe trip to check out Disney Paris in July, ‘22, so that was fun!

I know it’s early times, but what would you recommend as our second resort (split stay, DVC points, studio) given it looks like BWV, BLT, and Boulder Ridge Villas are on track to be refurbed by then but sadly, not AKL/Kidani.

4 of us: Grandma (my Mom), myself, and two boys who will be 16 and 10. We like the idea of extra single bed for my 10 year old, and really think murphy second bed vs. pull out couches is way to go.

First 3 nights at BWV- (rooms should be refurbed by then, according to what I’ve read, but forum experts here can weigh in).

Last 5 nights at either:

Boulder Ridge: ~$2,200 for 5 nights (@ 2024 prices)
BLT Lake View + $300
Poly: +$670
AKL Savannah View: +$70

I originally had my heart set on BLT, for MK park proximity, but that was when I was going to do a 1 bedroom. I’m thinking studio size will disappoint there.

With the inflation on G+, I’m down-sizing to Studios as I’m going to prioritize not waiting in lines over more space. 8 days of G+ and ILL is crazy $$$ now.

My second choice would have been Animal Kingdom as their restaurants are on my list, but staying in rooms in that are in their 13th year of wear and tear and then potentially need then to rent a car isn’t appealing.

So that leaves the Poly (the most $$) but on monorail or Boulder Ridge.

I’m honestly not especially excited about Wilderness (we ate dinner there in 2015) except for price and knowing rooms will be 100% renovated. Lodge is impressive for sure, but since I live in Colorado and belong to a community in the mountains with a real life lodge that is less hectic/more serene, I don’t seek that vibe in FL.

I think by then Poly will have their new space open, but I like the idea of 2 showers / sinks in current Poly studio set up.

BLT is scheduled for 2024. That is the farthest out they have confirmed but AKL should be next to be done. And by the end of 2025 those should also be completed.

However a refurb won’t address the space issue of studios at Bay Lake, although at least you’d have the new Murphy bed in place of the pull-out sofa.

The Poly studios in the longhouses are the biggest on property, although I know the two bathrooms account for a lot of that. However that’s a lot of extra money from your figures. If it’s a bucket list Resort then maybe, otherwise I’m not sure it’s worth it.

AKL is a gorgeous resort and if you’re planning some resort time I’d go for that in a heartbeat.

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I don’t like staying at BLT solo, cannot even imagine 4 people in those little rooms. That should absolutely be at the bottom of your list.

Poly and WL are my 2 favorite deluxe rooms with AKL probably next on the list. I’d probably choose Poly for you since the rooms are the largest, you have 2 bathrooms for showering and getting ready, and you also have the convenience of monorailing to 2 different parks. Also the food choices there are great.

Yes. Poly sounds great for sure. If I did AKL and got a rental car it would be same price as poly - but we’d see animals! However, getting to MK that second part of our trip sure is easy from poly.

Out of curiosity are AP room discounts even still a thing? I have an AP I bought from Sam’s or Costco years ago before their major AP price hike.

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Yes there are still AP room only discounts.