DVC Polynesian Sales dates set

Here we go!

Dates are Monday, Jan, 12 for current members and February 9 for new members. Opening is April 1st. Pool rendering looks pretty cool, and I don’t hate the idea of a plunge pool! Price per point unknown; one member on Facebook claimed that a rep told them $160. Another rep said the points chart and pricing wouldn’t be available until Monday.

Now to convince my parents to buy in with me again…


I saw the room picture earlier today and it looks like I wouldn’t want to leave, but I’d also see the Magic Kingdom so close that I’d want to be there too. Fortunately, I don’t expect to be paying to stay there anytime soon (and even if I did, expect the demand for the bungalows to be pretty high), so I’ll have some time to work out my feelings on the matter.

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Room looks very nice. I “could” stay there - but I’m sure that I never will for the probable cost. The pool looks very small - but I’m not familiar with the “old” Poly pool…

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Here’s a good video taken from a flyover drone showing the bungalows and pool construction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liM4tgmW2OE. I am trying to refrain from calling them the pizza huts (mentioned elsewhere) but I can’t get that image out of my head now!

Pretty on the inside… ugly on the outside… and it looks like they block most of the view from the beach, thus reducing one of the reasons to stay at the Poly in general, unless my perspective is off. Proximity to monorail to Epcot & boat to MK is the primary reason to stay there now. Changes to the main lobby are lamentable too. It’s nice… but not… special anymore. Maybe we need to see it once completed… but I can’t imagine staying there at those prices. Glad I was able to stay there in 2012 before the dark times, before the Empire. I will cherish those pictures even more now. :slight_smile:

The point chart for the bungalows is absolutely insane

One week in a 2BR Bungalow is 841 points. To put that into perspective, we’re paying less than 300 points for a split stay between 2 BRs at BWV/BLT, with a Theme Park View. The only reason this resort makes sense for me is the number of studios is high (which is also debatable since the initial amount reserved for DVC versus cash is low). My friends and I don’t need much space for a weekend trip, but it may be difficult to book studios if no one can afford bungalows and there aren’t any 1BRs. Though I love the overall theme/feel/resort restaurants and amenities, I’m now inclined to buy BLT points resale instead.

So if that point price of $160 is accurate and the point chart is accurate, you’re looking at $134,560 to buy enough points for a week in a 2br bungalow annually during the low-cost season. $230,240 for Christmas. I’ll be honest, that seems kind of insane to me. I don’t quite understand how DVC works, though, so my numbers could be totally off.

Unrelated, I am amused by the names of the various seasons.

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Dream season, nightmare cost :smile:

The super-basic elevator pitch is this: The $160/point cost is a one-time payment. For that payment, you receive an allotment of points in a single use year. Annually, you’re paying dues per point, which range from $5-8, depending on the resort. If a family was interested in going every year during that week in a 2BR, they’d have to make an initial payment of the amount you calculated to get exactly enough points to book.

My family has 270 points in a single use year, so we could bank an entire year + current year + borrow from the next year, and we still wouldn’t be able to stay for a week.

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So 841 points multiplied by $5/yr in dues means another $4205 per year. And I’m thinking it’s unlikely dues there will be at that end of the scale.

I want to say they’re out of their ever-loving minds, but I’m sure it will sell. Just seems painfully expensive.

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For that kind of price… I could rent a beach-front mansion with my own inground pool & all the amenities & fixings for a month every summer for about 10 years. On a real beach. vrbo dot com is full of them. The view of the castle is nice, but not that great from there.

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