DVC Points Rental

We are planning to do a trip after Thanksgiving 2018 and thinking about doing a DVC rental. Any recommendations for websites to use or avoid?

Check out this TP Blog post with tips on DVC rentals Tips For Renting Disney Vacation Club Points | TouringPlans.com Blog. It has links to three of the major brokers that people use/recommend, and the comments section has reviews from people on their experiences with some of them.


I’ve used David’s and had a good experience.

This may be too late, but I think both David’s and DVC store are good. We rented for September 2018 through DVC (yes the height of hurricane season :/) I think the point costs go down the closer you get to your preferred dates and of course the preferred times of year are apparently harder to get unless you are okay with say Saratoga Springs or Old Key West (and I believe those points are cheaper anyway). Oh and my DVC rental agent - Kate - sent me an email last night reminding me that my 180 ADR window comes open next week - that was NICE (even though I already knew)

I just got confirmation from David’s for my stay in February 2019. It’s our first trip to Disney but we were able to get what we wanted. It took about 2.5 weeks but we needed 255 points. So far the service has been good.

We went through Daves DVC and scored 5 days at the Poly around that time this year! We have never rented points but they made it super easy and painless! It is certainly a different way of planning a Disney vacation but also makes the possibility of affording a deluxe resort a reality!

I went through DVC Rental Store. They were great! The agent I dealt with was very responsive. If you are looking to get the cheaper price at the 7 month window, I would reach out to them now to get the ball rolling. They also didn’t require a full down payment, just a partial with the rest due a month or so before you go. I’m not 100% but I believe David’s and DVC Rental Store are sister companies. I’ve heard nothing but good things about both.