DVC point rental help

I’m planning a Disney trip in January and a friend of a friend (who I have not met before) has some DVC points that expire at the end of January that she appears to be willing to share. Before I get too involved, is there any way to check if there is anything even available through DVC at such short notice? We would need January 23-27 (possibly Jan 23-31) and have 160 points available.

If your friend has the points can’t they look? Can you ask them to check and screen shot you the possibilities (you may have to split the stay)

It’s a friend of a friend so I really don’t know who she is. I will call her though! I was trying to see if there was any way I could check on my own, but it doesn’t look like there is. Thanks for your help

I checked availability for you.
Saratoga Springs Studio is available for 105 points (23-31 Jan).
For 23-27 Jan you could do OKW 2BR for 123 points, or SSR from Studio (55) to 2BR (136). If you do 24-28, you could get a 1BR SV at Kidani (119p).

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Thank you so much for looking that up for me! I really really appreciate it! :slight_smile: