DVC Planning Tools

I am wondering what tools/apps DVC owners use to plan stays and track their points. Do you rely on the DVC member website? I have two apps: DVC-DPoint and DVCPlanner. I honestly know I am not setting up the DVCPlanner correctly, and I cannot get it to work. I have the DVC-DPoint up to date, but it should not be this much work to get the numbers to line up right.

Does anyone know how these apps work or have any simple tools? With the 2020 reallocation I want to make sure I know how I want to use my points. Thanks!

I have a spreadsheet going that tracks our available points month to month and accounts for anticipated trips along the way. I currently have it mapped out to 11/30/2020

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I was not aware of these apps. Do they just track current state or can you map it out as I have done in my spreadsheet?

You can plan it out. The DPoint one has a tool (costs extra) that maximizes your points. You check what you want and it shows you all the resorts you can book for the same dates for fewer points.


DVChelp.com plans on having tools like this to make it easy to track your points, maximize your points tools, and others…

I think mydvcpoints is also developing g an app?

I didn’t realize there were apps for this, so helpful!