DVC Phone Tour

Has anyone done the phone tour for the Disney Vacation Club? I know you can get 3 extra FP+ passes if you do the tour. When I went to request a tour, it gives a phone option.


I don’t think it’s a phone tour. I think you have to call to set up an open house tour, after which you get the fastpasses. I haven’t done it myself.

There is an option for a phone tour. I haven’t tried it, and I’m not sure if you get fastpasses by phone.

That’s interesting. I would be willing to do it just for the fastpasses!

I did the phone tour a few years back. I called right before they closed for the day. They said “let me email you the information”. At that time it was a $40 gift card. It took me 3 minutes.

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Has anyone done the phone tour recently and do you get 3 fastpasses per person for doing the phone tour?

When I did the phone tour - which was really a waste of everyone’s time - I got a Disney Gift Card for ? $10.

The guy I talked to couldn’t have been less interested in talking to me. I had some very specific questions about the set-up we would need (3 sleep surfaces due to boy/girl tween/teen kids) and he just kept saying “It’s all in the information packet I’ll send you.”

I still think I’d like to do an in person tour.

I did the phone tour about three weeks ago. I had gotten an email asking if I wanted to take a phone tour and offering a $25 gift card. I received a $25 Disney Gift card about a week later. Similar to what OBNurseNH said, the representative I spoke with wasn’t very interested in the phone call. I don’t think the call took more than two minutes.

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So I guess to get the fastpasses you must take an in person tour.

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I did the in person tour in February. They asked me what my plans were for the day and I told them we were going to lunch in DS. They picked us up at 9:15 at WL, drove us to DS and I went through the presentation . It took about 75 minutes. We could take drinks (I grabbed a couple of waters). They gave us each 3 anytime FPs (could not be used at 7DMT or FEA) and a $100 gift card.