DVC + Non-Disney Loving DH

So, we’ve been back a month and I’ve already started planning the next trip!! I had a lovely one sketched out for May 2020 and upon telling my DH he groaned and said “I thought we agreed to take a break from Disney for a couple of years?!?” :cry::weary:

Nixed 2020 plans and started doing some research on DVC membership. We paid an astronomical amount on rooms last month. Two MK view rooms at the Poly for 9 nights. I’m embarrassed to even type the cost out on here but suffice it to say it was a lot. Last trip, we stayed 4 nights in a Savannah view 2 bedroom suite in AKL. And I’m pretty sure we’ve ruined ourselves on accommodations for future trips after being spoiled by these super amazing digs.

All that to say, I’m actually reasonably pleased with the cost of say 150 annual points per year as priced out on Disney’s DVC website. We’ve talked about going back for sure in 2 or 3 years and even making that a traditional of going that often. So, from a cost perspective, considering what we’ve already spent on the past two trips, it seems to make sense in that regard.

My question is, are any of you DVC members with a non-Disney crazed spouse?? My husband has agreed to go every 2-3 years and I feel like enjoys it when we’re there but he’s not Disney nuts like me. Can a membership still be enjoyable in this scenario?

As our kids get older, I can definitely see myself taking the kids solo. I can even see this being a possibility with the older three after DS turns 7 in July and the two bigs can ride together. My mom loves the world just as much as me so I can also see her and I taking the kids alone or even just taking a mother/daughter trip.

I guess I’m just asking for real-life experience here. I would appreciate any advice or stories you would like to share!

Oh and aside from the initial payment and annual dues are there any hidden costs? Or expenses that surprised you that perhaps you didn’t initially consider?

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I have no real life experiences to offer, but wanted to suggest you consider asking the folks over at http://www.mouseowners.com/forums/. And you can take a look at the info they have posted, ex. this general intro to DVC.

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We are DVC members and my husband is not a Disney fan at all. But he knows I love Disney and realized that I was making trips at least every year so he saw the benefit. He doesn’t go on most of our trips.

I love DVC for many reasons, but one of the biggest is that it has allowed us take family and friends who couldn’t afford to go otherwise.

Also there are some good AP discounts for DVC members.


Maybe the touring plans chat can answer some of your questions: https://forum.touringplans.com/c/disney-vacation-club

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Good suggestions provided where to get more input.

We bought points thinking we’d do trips every 2-3 years. Take a look at how many points you would likely need for one year. With ability to bank points to the next use year and borrow points from the following use year, you can essentially pool 3 years of points to use a larger amount in one year. I think the minimum to purchase DVC direct is 100 points, so you may be able to get by with purchasing less than the 150 you mentioned…and DH may be more agreeable.

The hidden costs for us have been taking trips we probably wouldn’t have done without points.
Aulani? Sure!, our lodging is paid for. Since we’re going through CA, might as well add Disneyland.
AP discount with one trip already planned? Sure! Will have points for resort and it’s cheaper to upgrade then purchase tickets for a second trip. And since we have AP, let’s sneak in a long weekend trip too.


I’m DVC, DH is Disney-intolerant (in a good way). He agreed because he loves me and it was for me and our DD to go to Disney together, and because I reminded him grandchildren are in our future and we will want to be able to help our kids bring their kids (our grandkids) for a vacation that is expensive for young families. We bought AKL DVC in 2007. DD and I usually go once or twice a year, I have on a couple of occasions persuaded DH and DSs to join, and I have brought my sisters and their kids. And yes, you get to bank a year’s points into the next year, and borrow from the year after, so if you go every 2 or 3 years you can save up, borrow, however you like to cover a longer stay in a suite the size you need.
And I’m thinking of buying more points. I’m hoping for multiple grandkids :-). And even though DH rolls his eyes at Disney, I know he’ll be there with me making the grandkids happy someday.


We bought in 2003. At the time DH was almost as much of a Disney nut as I was, but over the years he lost interest. For a few years he didn’t really want to go at all, so I just took solo trips. When DD came along he suddenly wanted to start going again, but he still spends some days doing other things (cinema, golf etc) while DD and I do the parks. Works great since we all get the kind of trip we want.

We were pleasantly surprised that there was absolutely no hidden costs we hadn’t considered. The only one I can think of is FX at annual dues time if you’re from outside the US, but I’m guessing from your user name that this is not an issue.

Like so many other owners, our only “regret” is not buying in sooner. :rofl:


I take the kids on my own. DH has agreed to come once every three or four years.

Oh I love that idea!!! Would love to take my nieces and nephews (and sibs too I guess :grin:)! Would a fun thing to be able to do for them. :heart:

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Lol!! Could totally see me going down this rabbit hole. Maybe I could do a solo trip or two as DH would totally :flushed::expressionless: at me if I presenting this to him.

I think this way too. I mean, we’re still a young family now, but with four kids I would one day hope for a grandkid or two (or twelve!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) and would absolutely love being able to take them.

I think this sentiment is also why my mom loves going to Disney so much. Her mama took her when she young, she took my sisters and I with my paternal grandparents when we were little and now she’s been able to take two trips with my children.

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That’s great to know!! And you guessed correctly - US citizen over here. :partying_face:

I would love to do that! I was even thinking about how fun it would be to take them individually for a weekend on their birthdays or as a celebration for special achievements.

How old were your kiddos when you started taking them alone? Mine are 8, 6, 4 and 2 now and I can see me taking all four of them alone in a couple of years when DD4 turns 7. But I would also see me leaving my youngest and taking my older three as soon as DS turns 7 (which is in July of THIS YEAR!)!

I have two. I didn’t do it with both until the youngest was 6. I don’t think I would have wanted to do it with younger than that if I had both. Just because I had a big enough height difference that it would have felt like trying to fit in two types of trips in only the time for one. It also depends on what the kids interests are.

I’ve done one “individual” type trip for each, and that was really amazing. It actually helped bring me and one of my kids closer together, and was so worth it.