DVC Moonlight Magic

I was just able to register to DVC Moonlight Magic at Hollywood Studios on 9/19. It says the event starts at 9:30pm, but members can enter as early as 7pm. We currently have reservations at Tiffins that include reserved seating for ROL, which is at 8:15 that night. We have never seen ROL and this is really the only night we have where we can see it. We also have never been to any of the DVC events. So my long winded question is is there a benefit to getting to the event right at 7pm? Or if we just head directly there after ROL will we still be ok?

I cannot answer the Moonlight Magic part of your question. I have been in the parks right before Moonlight Magic in the past and it seemed like a regular night. RoL will be over by 8:30 for a 8:15 show.

I personally did not like ROL. I would rather spend the extra time at moonlight magic.

I personally do like it! In fact I bought the soundtrack!