DVC Membership

Ok, maybe I am opening up a can of worms here but I just wanted to get you guys’ opinions on joining DVC.

Me and my wife visit Disney at least once a year and now I have a niece and nephew at a good age to start visiting parks etc. plus my mom and dad are now retired so for bigger family vacations it usually lands on me to pay for them too.

I personally love staying on property but the cost of paying for at least 2 rooms can start getting mighty pricey…especially as I dont like staying on value resorts due to the fact my ma and pa are getting old and I like them to have some extra comfort and possibility of quiet.

So…mad as I may be, I am thinking to join DVC…my question is (as almost everyones is!!..) is it worth it and in your opinions do the perks outweigh the drawbacks. I am already an AP holder so in most cases I get a lower than regular rate on rooms but could I be in better shape financially for having the DVC membership?

Its a tough question I know with no REAL answer but I would love to hear your success (and failure!) stories with DVC memberships.

Not a DVC owner myself, but I am renting for the 1st time from a DVC owner for our upcoming visit. Consumer Reports did a short piece on it last year actually using the Polynesian Resort for their financial analysis that you might want to check out. Basically concluded that if you use it long enough it’s worth it. But there is so much more to it than just money. DVCNews and Mouseowners are also good sources for Disney DVC info. Tough question to address for others because it is so personal. Good luck.

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It is a tough question @knapp9er you are very right!! I have read the report you are speaking of…its such a tough decision!!!

Allong with the some of the super expensive hotel rooms in the resort…DVC membership is one of those things that still suprises me that it is even a thing, kinda amazes me that so many people have $20,000+ to invest in their future vacations, but then again thats exactly what i am thinking to do!!!

So true there’s more than just financial reasons for buying.

On our first on-site stay, DS (then 14) badgered us to take the tour. Having loved the whole on site thing, there was the opportunity to have our privacy, a kitchen to save money, a washer & dryer, and just a base to relax in.

Also because DH was the only driver, staying offsite meant that he had to drive there and back, no drinks with dinner. No choice for him to kick back. On site, we could do stuff whilst he stayed at the resort. No pressure on him to ferry us about. I had never seen him so relaxed on holiday before, ever. And the real bonus was, he was so relaxed that he started to really bond with our eldest.

So we worked out we could get enough points for 10 to 14 days every 3 years by banking and borrowing points. That way we had time to save for the flights and tickets. We did the Disney financing because we could afford that payment, with MFs, for 10 years. We knew we couldn’t buy outright so for us, it was worth it.

Financially, it will take 5 or 6 trips to break even.

Would this make sense to others? Maybe not. Do we care? No!

It is such a personal decision. Good luck with it!

MouseSavers has a lot of useful information on the pros and cons of DVC ownership https://www.mousesavers.com/other-disney-vacations/disney-vacation-club/.

One point that is pretty much agreed on is that it is not a good idea if you have to finance the purchase - only do this if you have the cash on hand.

Yeah, a common viewpoint. But one that only encompasses a purely financial consideration.

If you are sure that you are going to be visiting for years to come, then financing becomes just another factor. Yes, it’s taking on credit for what is a timeshare. And in investment terms it is not sensible. But we don’t intend to sell to make a profit.

Instead we have bought in order for us, and our kids, to be able to stay for another 50 years. So paying the interest is worth it - for us. It does mean the break even point is longer, around 15 / 16 years for us. After that our 1 bed villa for 2 weeks will cost us about the same as paying for a room at a deluxe resort for 4 days.

Once we’ve paid off the loan, we will use the money we are now paying per year to pay the maintenance fees for 3+ years. By the time we are too old to make the transatlantic trip, the fees should be paid until the expiry date. Our kids then have free accommodation to bring their kids to Disneyworld, And if they don’t want to, they won’t have lost anything.

Often thought about it. Did a little research and if I were to ever consider it I think I would buy wholesale rather than retail. Seems like that’s the better way to go despite losing a couple perks.

We don’t vacation enough right now for it to be worth it. We go every 3-4 years. I feel like renting the points works well. Let someone else pay the annual fees and I’ll just pay a little more for the points when I want to go. This way I get to stay deluxe at moderate prices. Just my 2 cents worth

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Interesting topic. I am a DVC member and although I love being DVC I think renting points may be the way to go. First, it’s a big investment, especially if you finance through Disney. Second, the more points you have, the more maintenance you pay. You do get some perks, but not enough to justify investment. Buying on secondary market isn’t as good as it was. Disney put a lot of restrictions on secondary market owners. I go twice a year so I get use out of it. if you aren’t ready for long term financial commitment rent points until you’re ready.