DVC Membership card in MDE?

When you log into your DVC account, you can find a temporary membership card. But it also says this:

But…there is no such membership card in MDE. Does this only apply to those who buy direct? (Formerly known as the Blue Card.)

I am not sure it even matters. As a resale owner, the only perk I get is Pool Hopping. Is there any reason one ever need their member card if you aren’t a Blue Card holder? And if we wanted to Pool Hop (which I doubt we ever would), I presume we don’t actually need to show any ID anyhow.

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In MDE, there is a section under profile that says “Memebership and Passes”. This shows younare DVC. But when they are strict about Blue Cards, they also want you to set your memebership up in a mobile wallet.

This is what mine looks like (from my main WDW page in wallet, I click the three buttons on the right)

The ND next to DVC stands for “Not Direct”


I don’t have a “Memberships and Passes”, but there is a “Tickets and Passes”. Nothing in there indicates Affiliations.

Speaking of Google Wallet, though…when we were there and I wanted to get the AP discount, I tried to show my physical card, but several places told me that they will no longer allow the physical card. Then I tried to use the one in my Google Wallet, and they said it had to be from within MDE, otherwise they wouldn’t accept it. Not ALL locations have done this, but most were telling me this was going to be the case going forward.

So, apparently Google Wallet won’t be an acceptable way to show your AP in the near future!!!

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Look under “profile” and then look for Membership and Passes.

Good news, the MDE DVC does not distinguish direct from not direct. That’s how I got a Sorcer’s pass…


Wait. Seriously? You were able to just buy the Sorcerer’s Pass? Did you do it on-line directly?

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Aha! I see it. Thanks.

And…it just says “Disney Vacation Club Member”. Interesting.

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Intersting that’s what they are asking for. At Aulani the cashier went stright to my google wallet…


Yeah. A few of them said it was a new policy, and were more lenient…whereas others were quite insistent that I had to show them the card in MDE…so I think going forward, you should always anticipate a need to show it in MDE.

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You need to download your membership into your phone’s wallet using MagicMobile

Pool hopping didn’t return after Covid.

My temporary card says otherwise! (The one on the DVC website itself.) It is only valid for 30 days at a time, and it still says Pool Hopping.

ETA: BUT, I did see this:


I wonder why it hasn’t returned. (Not that it matters ultimately…we barely go to the pool at all, let alone have a desire to hop…but…but…I just like knowing it is an OPTION if I wanted to! :smiley: