DVC home resort choices

Ever since I got back last week, I am trying to learn all I can about DVC. I rented points. It was the best!!! If I buy soon, I would probably buy just enough for my family of 3 to spend a week in a studio every other year with banking points or enough points for some short trips. I love the Polynesian and Beach Club. Although Poly is priced high, it also has the later expiration date. I’ve heard that it is tough to get Beach Club reservations at 7 months, especially for Fall stays, but it’s usually not difficult to get a Polynesian Studio. I’m wondering if I should buy Beach Club, which would cost me a bit less and give me home booking rights at the place that is tougher to book. My reason for wanting Poly is because I have some difficulty walking and I sometimes use a scooter and Poly is very easy on monorail. I know it’s easy to go from BC go Epcot and HS but there’s still a bus to MK to deal with. Is there any logic to purchasing Beach Club anyway, just so I can get bookings there more easily when I want them? Does my disability change the whole thing? Thanks.

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I love BC and Poly area, but if easy access to MK is priority buy Poly. I have found I usually get what I want if I book exactly at 7 month mark. Also TTC is close to Poly, so you can monorail directly to Epcot. Very subjective, depends on what is most important to you.

This is a loaded question for sure. There are many factors to consider.
Based on your preference, one big difference is immediate: If you buy Poly, you can still buy direct from DVC. If you want BC, you’ll have to buy a resale property.
That leads to the next set of questions: Are you familiar with the perks that only direct buys provide? If so, will they influence your purchase?
This article is a good primer:
DVC Incidental benefits

The other thing to seriously consider is the frequency that you think you’d be going. We book a studio each year in January. The numbers really don’t make sense for us to buy and have to pay dues.

Your mobility should not be an issue. Disney is well equipped for ECV.

I’d buy resale at first but may consider an add on from Disney. I definitely feel that the monorail is most convenient for the ECV. Although bus drivers help, it is tough to maneuver it into a bus and even in the boats. There is a difference. I just want to decide whether I am okay with lesser convenience.