DVC dues credit card code

Can anyone confirm if DVC dues code as a travel category on your credit card? Trying to decide if it makes sense to pay with Chase Reserve for the 3x points or else put it on our new SW card to go towards the companion pass. Thanks!

I have always used my Disney Visa. For some reason I think I remember them saying they see it the same as a package?

Ok cool. I assume that would be travel. Do you get the 6 months no interest on it then?

I know that was what they told me. I just don’t know if it is true. I have always just paid it off.

I don’t personally know, but this DISBoards thread talks about the same question, maybe it will help!


That thread told me how to check my Chase statement. It is travel.


Thank you both! Chase Reserve it is!

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To close the loop on this, it did indeed code as travel on my Chase reserve and since it was my first travel purchase in Jan, I also received the $300 credit on it as well! So kind of takes the sting out of the dues a little bit!